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2003 Avalanche Brochures!!!


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May 28, 2002
La Vernia, TX
The dealership here in La Grande got 2003 Avalanche Brochures today there are not alot of pages only 21 but it comes with a CD that you put in your computer it has vidios, pics of the new AV with the ugly WBH (with out body hardware) and 360 views it is great
I sent off the card to get that brochure & CDROM. The card came along with an unsolicited brochure & CDROM promoting Avalanche and XM radio. I guess owning just one Avalanche isn't enough.
We are giving some of these away tomorrow at Smith Chevy before our cruise. I will see if I can get something posted for you all.
The Chevy website has them up now when you go into the Brochures section and click on "download". It just has the pages of the brochure and not the CD download.
I got one of these the other day when I bought my '03. Apparently all of the Chevy line will have them as we also brought home one for the '03 Impala and it has the CD as well, and the function and look of the info is similar.

The main thing about the CD is that it includes a bit more on the WBH option. The CD has the WBH version on one of those 360-degree view things where you can spin it around and see the back end of it. Here's where it gets bad....the WBH Av has the same tailgate as the standard Av, including the dark cladding strip across the bottom! It looks awful without having the rest of the cladding!

Attached is a capture from the rear view of this part of the CD. Check it out for yourself.....

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Here's a left rear view of the WBH.....


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It looks like they were ashamed to put the "Avalanche" name on the front doors........


Even this looks better then the Avalanche WBH.
Apparently theres actual metal in those "sail panels" under the plastic. Didn't realize that.
txyank1 said:
Apparently theres actual metal in those "sail panels" under the plastic. Didn't realize that.
Yes, it's actually a part of the basic body structure, and helps contribute the stiffness that is lacking in the regular two piece pickup body styles.

-- SS
Sorry but me Chev has compromised the AV. First they reconfigure the front end of the new PU to look like the AV then they remove the cladding S*&T why not just call it a D#M PU. I am glad that I have an AV in the truest form. :9:
I'm with everyone else on the bare av. ? I'm sure they will sell a lot of the cladless version to boring folks though. ? ?I think they should have given it a different name or something, so that in the future when I tell someone what I drive, they know exactly what kind of bad **s truck i'm in. ?Glad I bought the Av and not the Av-not.

I just got my '03 Z66 and they didn't have any '03 brochures when I bought it. The included CD is worth it alone. I like to keep one handy for reference.

;DI called around the Savannah dealers, and managed to find one. Thanks again!
Skidd said:
Does anyone know if this is the same brochure that you can get by requesting one from the Chevy website?

I was thinking the same thing so yesterday I requested one. If we don't get an answer before I get it then I'll post and let you know.

nh_mark said:
I was thinking the same thing so yesterday I requested one. ?If we don't get an answer before I get it then I'll post and let you know.

Thanks Mark, that would be great, 'cos it's a bit far for me to nick down to the nearest dealer and pick one up.
I picked up a copy of the 2003 Avalanche brochure with the disc. Its a pretty impressive package. While I was there, I saw what appeared to be a Siverado SS up on a display ramp. It was a good looking truck, but a bit on the plain side if you were to compare it to a Lightning. There was no way of getting a look at the interior.
I was in the dealer last night looking at Suburbans (no, not replacing the AV). I picked up a borchure for the Suburban and noticed an AV one behind it so I grabbed it as well.

A CD almost fell out, but I caught it mid air. Hmm, wonder what it is? Well, I looked over the CD and it is a multimedia CD for the AV. I took it home and put it the CD player and let it run.

Cool Video, Music, Pictures, specifications of the 2002 AV! Sweet struff. There is info on the 2003 of course, but the 2002 was prevalent thoughout and they even did a movie of the '02 strutting it's stuff though some cool roads (they did give the '02 credit). There was also one of three NFE's doing this extreme trip carrying some cool camping / canoe'ing gear.

If you have the chance, stop by your local dealer and grab up a copy of this brochure. Well worth the detour I think!
I picked one up about 4 months before getting my AV. Boy did it make me want one even more than I had been wanting one before! :-*
I picked up a brochure when I bought my Av. But alas, I opened it after I got home and....NO CD. :mad: