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2003 Avalanche Price Updates


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May 28, 2002
Floresville, TX
Well this is where I will post any Price updates I get becuase GM is all ways razing prices so this is where you can see what and how much they rase prices on the 2003 AV

Well I was looking at the dealership today and I had to price out and AV and I noticed that the Z71 option was $878 well now they want $1,045.00 MSRP and $898.70 Inovoice I just thoght I would share with all of you guys that is the only option that they changed the price on so now a loaded AV Z71 is $42,797.00 MSRP and $37,650.01 Invoice
AvaLance - do you know of any reason whatsoever that they would raise the price of the Z71 package? It seemed like it was already a little high to begin with.
yeah! i saw this and was dissapointed

(see is GM overpricing it's trucks?)

i think it is terrible, mainly because i have to wait awhile before i can afford an AV, i have to pay for college first. I am planning to buy in a year and a half but i don't want the Avy to be 50k plus :-[

Figure this one out:

Base Z71 now $36,565


Base 2500 4x4 $37,420 (incl Bilstien shocks, skid plates - same as Z71)
add locking rear differential $295 = 37,715

Difference $1,150 for a larger engine (8.1), larger gas tank (37 gal), larger brakes, rear axle, and a heavy duty tranny.

That is a hefty premium for that Z71 decal. The cost of the components did not go up that much, otherwise they would have placed a similiar increase on the 2500. I guess they have to recoup the $4000 rebate in one form or another.

I noticed when I was looking on GMBuypower.com at Avs that the Base price has gone up at least twicwe since the '03s came out. I found 31,394; 31,505; and 31,705. (all Base 2wd)
I read in an automotive industry mag back in September 02 that the big three were going to increase sticker prices to cover rebates. This is not limited to GM and looks like the article was right.
Law of supply and demand. Z-71 is almost certainly the most popular model, though someone with sales numbers can say for sure. Whatever sells the most will raise in price regardless of whether or not it gets more expensive to sell. It's all in the Economics folks.
My AV arrived in October/November and the delivery was $745 at the time. The price on the base AV also went up a few hundred dollars since, as well as the price on the trailering package.

When I went to determine the invoice I had to adjust for differences in the current prices that Edmunds.com had available.

I believe that each of the options will inch up one at a time. Dealers will probably only consider any base price change as a "price increase" that they mention to customers.

Beware of dealers attempting to claim AVs that have been on the lot invoice at the current invoice prices.
Code Option New Price Old Price
Y92 The North Face $5,265.00 $5,100.00

So that mean a new loaded North face Edition AV is $44,352.00 :eek: an AV over 44K wow that is expencive
:9:The worst part of it is that there made in Mexico,really want to buy one, but hard to do when I'm a union worker.Apple pie,Chevy, and U.S.A. no more.
03 1500 base model at two dealers in New Orleans in yesterdays paper was 23,495. at one and 23,795 at the other. Includes 4000.00 rebate. or 27,495 and 27,795 with 0% interest for 60 months. base models seem to be real cheap considering its still well equipped.
I just signed the papers for my '03 on Saturday, and I did not see one price increse at all. What gives? I even had the dealership track down the truck I wanted, so it was not on their lot and that did not even cost me extra. I guess I made it in under the gun, so to speak.
The reason you did not see a price incress was because it was built before they had one and yes the Z66 is the same as the Z71 $1,045
My fully loaded '03 Z-71 only cost me 100 over invoice ~37.5k. If you shop around enough you can get an AV at this price. I bought mine at Megel Chevy in Dahlonega GA. MArchant chevy in ravanel SC sells for $98 over invoice always. See Marchantchevy.com

Yes, vehicle prices go up every year. But probably less than the overall cost of living or increase in consumer's incomes. Consider most everyone gets a 3% raise or more each year. If you multiply the Av price of $35K x 3%, you get an increase of $1050 per model year. But when I bought my 02 Av, I got a $2000 rebate, now I hear you can get $4000 rebates on 03 Avs.