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Apr 30, 2002
Red Deer, Alberta. Canada
-Significant Mid-Cycle Enhancement for 2003 Model Year
-Electronic Throttle Control added to all available engines.
-Optional 4-Channel StabiliTrak system to provide greater yaw stability (primarily benifiting understeer) and improved single-wheel traction control (Deletes G80 Locking Differential)
-Enhanced Autotrac transfer case to improve fuel economy on 4WD models without StabiliTrak.
-Optional Trailering Package (no longer standerd)
-Dual Level front Airbags and Automatic Air Bag Supperssion System are standard.
-Optional Safety & Security Package includes OnStar & Slide Air Bags (both no longer standard). Also includes new OnStar Combination Antenna
-Body cladding now in Dark Charcoal colour, replacing gray
-Optional new power-folding exterior Rearview Mrrors with trun signals
-Optional Camper mirrors with turn sigal and power extension
-New colour 62U Dark Gray
-Spare tire lock deleted
-Aluminum 16" spare wheel deleted - steel wheel now standard
-Underhood lamp and air filter sensor deleted
-Redesigned Insturment Panel, Cluster and Cnetre Floor Console
-New Interior trim fabric and design
-Standard Tri-Zone HVAC system with manual controls
-Optional Tri-Zone Electronic Climate Control (now available with Sunroof)
-New interior trim colour on NorthFace model
-Optional Adjustable Brake and Accelerator pedals
-Optional 9-button Steering Wheel Controls to retrieve veichle function reports, program memory features, and audio controls
-Optional Driver Information Centre monitors and reports on the status of up to 36 veichle functions, providing segment's highest number of driver alerts and programmable memory features. Driver Message Centre remains standard and is deleted when DIC is ordered
-Improved Rear Seat Audio Controls with vacuum fluorescent display for radio station tune/selection/seek, CD selection/track
-Optional Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) receiver (at the time of print DAB available only in Vancouver, Winsdor, Toronto, and Montreal)
-Optional In-Dash CD Changer
-Optional DVD based Rear Seat Entertainment System with 7" LCD flip-down screen capable of displaying 16 x 9 aspect ratio or standard screen format. 2 sets of wireless headphones included
-Theft Lock features deleted from radios
-Power Driver's Seat adjuster deleted on AE7 Bench Seat
-Manual lumbar adjusters deleted. Power lumbar adjuster included with AN3 heated leather seats
-Power Passenger Seat deleted on A95 cloth and leather seats
-Optional Smokers Package (Cigarette lighter and ashtray are no longer standard without bench seat)
-Secondary visor shades deleted
-Deep-tine rear glasds no longer standard, but included with Z66 and Z71 packages
-HVAC cabin air filter deleted
I got this information from My Chevy dealership May1/02. They also tell me new brochure for the 2003 Avalanche should be out end of May.
I like some of the improvements, such as StabilTrak. But they have removed many other features - not making them options, but removing them entirely. And apart from StabilTrak, most of the options can be added to the 2002. (i.e. Sideview mirror turn signals, DVD player, etc.)

Seeing as how badly I _needed_ a new vehicle, I am glad I bought the 2002. The 2003 may be nice, but I think I will be content with my 2002. (For awhile, I considered the possibility of trading it in when the 2003s become available, but I think I will rest easier now.)

It may be an unsubstantiated rumour, but I also heard that the 2003 was getting the Silverado front end. (i.e. Signal lights not high-mounted, how I like them. Just part of its aggressive stance.)

Just my two cents. Whatever you buy though, 2002, 2003, or 2010, I do not think you can go wrong with the Avalanche.
I had the electronic throttle controle on my 2001 Chevy Suburban and I didnt like it at all. Glad I bought the 2002 Avalanche.
Some nice new options for '03 but it seems like some of the changes are a huge step in the WRONG direction. Lutz did as we predicted... took off all of the good standard features and made them all optional. Just seems kinda cheap... steel spare instead of aluminum, cabin air filter deleted, etc.
I'm thinking the same thing...I wouldn't get rid of my Av for a 03' model....Most of those options I can live without...

No regrets on purchasing the 02' model.... :)

The price is gonna go UP!

Anyway, I'd rather have the power passenger seat and the secondary visor than the...


Didn't Lutz drive a BMW before he went with GM??? I don't think he'll last... IMHO...
The base price has already gone up by about $800, in effect making the rebate worth about $1200. If '03 prices go up by 3% that will
make the rebate worth about $300 if still $2002. If no rrbate the total price for '03 over '02 will be about $2000 not including all of the standard deletions.

Pecular deletions...
-Spare tire lock deleted
I thought spare lock was a good thing. Obviously I'm wrong.

-Underhood lamp and air filter sensor deleted
These too. The lamp in particular.

-Theft Lock features deleted from radios
Presumably a result of a new radio lineup.

-Optional Smokers Package (Cigarette lighter and ashtray are no longer standard without bench seat)
Forgot there's an ashtray. Been lamenting that there's no proper trash receptacle and no place to hang or set one without getting in the way.

-Secondary visor shades deleted
I really dislike the current visors anyway.

-HVAC cabin air filter deleted
Wasn't this also a good thing?

New stuff doesn't seem compelling. Better MPG on my 4x4 would be nice as would an in-dash CD changer. But how about the mods people are already doing...

Steering wheel audio controls - better, more functions, integration
Power folding mirrors - better, incl turn signals and telescope option
Instrument cluster - don't know if 1500 includes trans temp
Trip computer - depends on what DIC is
Power tailgate lock - nope
Rear cargo light switch - nope
DIC = Drivers information Center = trip computer

that is how they refer to the trip computer now, as ooposed to the driver's message center, which we Avy owners have already - it is the yellow area on the dash that alerts you to low fuel, cargo lamp on, security, etc.
As a person who is going to be buying an Avalanche in the late summer (August-September timeframe), I am a little disappointed in this news. While there a few things that I do like (such as the stabilitrack, new power mirrors, and CD changer), there are many things I don't like. Besides all of the stuff being an option (i.e. major $$ to add on to your truck), there a few things in particular.

We were planning on getting a Pewter colored Av because the gray cladding seemed to go so well with it. Now that they have dark charcoal cladding, I am mot sure about the colour combination. No power passenger seat if you get cloth bucket seats?? Bummer. Alot of the little things that I liked are either options or not available, such as underhood light, HVAC filter, and the trailering package. One thing I really wish GM would do that they still haven't, is to get those darn cruise controls off the stalk and onto the steering wheel. I would much rather have the cruise controls on the wheel instead of the stereo controls. Or better yet, have what they now have on the new Pathfinder's, they have both the stereo controls AND the cruise control on the steering wheel.

I just hope that since they have so many options to choose from (sounds like a marketing ploy) that they will lower the base price to partially compensate. Although I am sure that if you took a lower base price (I'm guessing here) and add on all the stuff that used to be included, the price will be higher.
One more thing I wish they would offer, but it doesn't look like it will be coming for quite some time, is Quadrasteer.
I am very happy I got the 2002. Looks like a steep price increase is coming. Oh BTW caught Car & Driver mag show and they had the new 2003 Z71 with quadrasteer, priced as shown was $44000.00 :eek:
-Aluminum 16" spare wheel deleted - steel wheel now standard

You may want to check it out but it looks like that Firestone spare is on a steel rim. No delet here. :rolleyes:
A friend of mine saw my Avalanche and seriously considered purchasing one except he is waiting for a 2003 GMC Sierra Denali because of Quadrasteer. The vehicle will be used for pulling a horse trailer and miscellaneous tasks around the farm. The Avalanche is powerful enough for this task, and the latest news may convince him to purchase an Avalanche instead of a Sierra: Quadrasteer is done using cables. While this may be fine for city use and towing a boat to the lake occasionally, I would be leary of using a cable-driven system for any sort of serious work or where 75% of your driving is on rutted country roads. This may be an unwarranted fear, but if it convinces him to buy an Avalanche..
Darker plastic? That'll look cool with that new color. Hmmmm, I wonder how much it would cost to replace the light grey plastic? Does anyone have any access to that pricing??? I replaced the panel behind the front fendor for $25. The pieces should come with new plastic fasteners. The shop that installed my lift had to increase the tow hook holes on my front bumper cover and they did a crappy job.
-Body cladding now in Dark Charcoal colour, replacing gray

I knew I wasn't going crazy. This must have been in the works for awhile because I have seen pictures of the Ave at my dealership in 2001 that had the dark cladding. Just look at the black Ave on the GM website. You can't tell me that is an effect created by lighting.
Saint, since you were planning on getting an '03 and aren't sure now, now may be the ideal time to scoop up an '02. Especially in the summer. If your dealer has any '02s left when the '03s roll in, I am guessing you could get the '02 for much less!

Regarding the colour of paint to pick given that the body cladding will be charcoal grey, I would suggest the new dark grey paint. I am guessing it is similar to the dark grey on the Silverados - very nice. If that colour was available when I bought my Avalanche - I was looking for it, but disappointed that I couldn't find it - I certainly would have gotten that colour instead. Easier to hide scratches, but still a very gorgeous colour.
Does anyone know about the LATCH system for the 2003 model? ???

I think it is supposed to be standard in all 2003 cars.
Okay, I'm just curious but where can I see one of those pics on the net that shows a 03' Av? Some of you mentioned on an Accessory brochure before, but is there any other place?
What was meant by Mid-Cycle? Does this mean the 2003 will be the same as the 2002 until mid 2003?
It sounds like to me the changes that Leather notes are a lot of double talk. Not that I don't believe Leather but I think that his dealer could be pulling his leg.
We know that the spare tire is already on a steel rim and a lot of the other changes don't make sense.
If I was planing on getting a 2003 AV I wouldn't go off the deep end until a see the changes official. Most new model vehicles are improved from the previous year and I see very little improvements in the information we have here.
Hold in there because I'm sure the 2003 AV will be as fine as the 2002 if not better. (y) (y)
This is an enhancement with all of those deletes? And it is going to cost more? ???

I am glad I purchased a 2002. ;D
I would ask any of u to stop @ ur local Chevy dealer and ask them to make copies of the listed changes for the 2003. Please let me know if they r the same as I posted or different! As far as mid cycle change I think that might be Cladding as an option later in the new year! That is my guess!