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2003 Black AV Rearends Semi Truck At 110MPH+


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May 28, 2002
La Vernia, TX
Well I got home and several people said you misted it. This saturday there was this 2003 Onyx Black AV with 23's on it passed us doing 110 mph + :eek: and then about 5 miles down the road was under a semi. I talked to the tow truck driver and he said he was going about 110MPH and rearended the truck but the passenger cabin was not damaged, when it hit it crumpeled the noise to the windshild. But the passengers came out OK no injurys but then the doors would not open and so they had to cut them out. well when they pulled the AV out of the Semi truck, it caught on Fire :eek: and damaged the inside this was a sad story about an AV I am going to buy the Baker City News Paper and see if it says any thing about it the AV had Washington Plates on it. I hope it was not any of you guys.

Last edited because of complant about punctuation
I am realy sorry I was in a hurry when I posted this I will go back and edit it again I am sorry for any problems you had reading my post. I did not mean to make it had for any one. I mean I am only 16 give me a break. Again Sorry for not taking more time.

Lance Knopp
No problem about the punctuation, I think they are just messing with you......Hey can you get pics, maybe scan them from the paper?
Easy Soul. Cut the kid some slack. I understand you point, but he was excited, and hurried while typing it. Plus, he already said he was sorry. Be nice. He was nice enough to bring us this horrible story, and is a Supporting Member ;)
I suspect the AV was doing a max of 100mph unless they had taken off the limit.

100 or 110mph that has to hurt. ?:cry:

I had a small accident with my AV tonight - for a reason I won't explain here, I was looking somewhere else and didn't see everyone stop in from of me. ?I had to jam the brake pedal to the floor and the AV made some noise :) ?If I had 2-3 more feet I would have made it safe. ?Instead I hit a Nissan with my solid steel bumper - the only damage to the Nissan was where my D Rings mount, it put a hole in the plastic of the Nissan.

I got away cheap - the owner said the damage wasn't real bad, it is a 10 yr old car and they were not going to worry about the damage. WHEW

I hope my spelling and grammer are OK - if not - I don't give a sh*t, this is not a resume ?;D
Lance, I would rather have you, a Supporting Member and regular poster, here (spelling errors and all), than someone that makes overly rude comments to someone.
He got the point Soul, no need to be rude about it.
Honestly, I want everyone here.
Cant not wee al jus git a long? ;D
Soul, I hope his typing really doesn't bother you. If it does, Please never read any of my posts. I am one of the worst. We are all here to have fun. Not to learn grammer.

Lighten up, Have fun, and MOD ON!

Prince_FuFu said:

About your accident, glad to hear everything was o.k..
Lets us b carful out thair.


The lady I hit, thought she was going to get crunched - she saw this huge chunk of steel on the front of my AV screeching towards her.

I am glad everyone was OK
I agree with that statement Soul.
If only we spent as much on schools and education as we do in other areas (research, D.C. salaries, etc..) the world might be a little smarter.
I'm all for a better education system, since my 2 year old will one day be part of it.
SS, you probably should have said that in the beginning. ?Your point came across VERY poorly, appearing to be a personal attack on Lance.

By the way, you made:
a capitalization error on March 10th
two grammar errors on Feb 28th
a spelling error on Feb 27th
a punctuation error on Feb 1st
a spelling error on Jan 22nd
a punctuation error on Jan 7th
a spelling error on Jan 6th

I stopped there. ?I thought that if I'd continued into 2002 the list would be too long. ?My point is that everyone makes mistakes. ?Chill out.
haha...that's too funny...peeps be checking in on the grammar...or is it grammer...dang fish...you be the police of grammar here...any ways...it's "realy" oh wait really...lance...figured if you were trying to fix it all the way...then i'd help look out for you...and yes i purposely made many grammatical errors in this post...oh well shoot me or lock me up...hey fish what's the fine per a mistake...or the jail sentence?
oh yea and blueruck were you checking out some ladies...i have nearly rearended a couple cars b/c of fly ladies in the side windows...darn girls always making trouble for innocent men..
Hey Lance
Keep posting and don't sweat the small stuff. Because it's all small stuff. There are far more important things to worry about than some simple punctuation problems.

hECK SOMETIMES YOUR cAP's key might get stuck. IT'S NOT LIKE YOUR YELLING OR ANYTHING, PEOPLE will just have to understand.

Don't wirree about yuor spelin as long as it's punctueighted right?

Maybe there are some people that need to do a little SOUL searching and realize that we are all here to have fun, trade ideas and enjoy some pleasant discussion. Chastising is not fun and does nothing to cure the problem. If a person wanted to discuss the underpaid teachers in the education system then they should start a new post and not stomp on someone elses enthusiasm.

This is my .02 worth,


Lance, look forward to any scans you may have of the article.
Soul, as Fish so wonderfully pointed out, even the best of us, which you seem to think you are, make mistakes. Take your soap box somewhere else....
While I do put everything through a spell checker I do not hold it against people for using incorrect grammar when on the internet.

Conversation by it's very nature uses run on sentences.

I Guess I wasn't Clear Enough In my Last Post. Keep this thread On Topic about a Black Av Rearending a Semi Truck.

Okay... one on topic and one off (sorry)... has there been any follow-up to this story ? Pictures ? I'm curious about the integrity of the Av cab... I'd prefer to learn from the experiences of others rather than my own !! ?I know that we've had a few members who had bouts with gravity and the like, but to walk away from 100+ --- THAT'S AMAZING !! ?:D

Secondly, I am a school teacher and you all are correct (100% A+) about the state of our educational system :(. I can't read the paper (to find articles about the above topic) for very long because the grammar is so poor. However, this is technology-based communication, and certain shortcuts (like poor sentence structure and acronyms) are permissible. U C my pt. ? ;D

Gosh, we've got all kinds of attitudes here! Sometimes the only thing we all have in common is that we all love the AV, lets remember that and take a break from slamming people. Never does any good.
:love: :B: ;D

Lance, KEEP POSTING. ?For every person that worries about whether you've missed dotting an I, crossing a T, or missed a period or two, I'll bet there's at least a hundred that appreciate your active involvement and enthusiasm for this club.

I'm waiting for the pictures of the AV that rear-ended the semi, if you get them.

Yes I will try my hardest to get pics I don't know if I will have time to drive over to Baker City to find the AV but if I do I will take pics I am in La Grande, Baker City is about 50 miles away
That's a sad story to hear about that Av and what happened :cry:. There's no excuse for anyone to drive that fast.

Now, with Lance, I know that he knows how to use proper grammar and punctuation. He and I chat all the time, and to be honest, he writes much better when he IM's me than when he posts. You would think it would be the opposite ;) ;) ;).

Now, me on the other hand, I chose to go the proper route when I post with capitalization, punctuation, etc. I even read what I have typed before I post.

(Please don't pick apart the grammar and punctuation of this post ;D)