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2003 Bose Audio Questions



I just traded a 2002 GMC Sonoma Crew Cab to an 03 Av. No comparison! More room, power, quieter, and much better ride. Plus more styling. However I was surprised to find that the 6-disc radio when equipped with Bose speakers only has 2 audio "Auto EQ" presets! "Custom" and "Talk". The radio looks identical to the one I had in the Sonoma, but it had 6 presets (Jazz, Rock, Pop,...). The owners manual confirms this point also. Why ony 2 presets?

The Sonoma also had a "midrange" tone control in adddition to "bass" and "treble". The Av does not have midrange, although the owners manual implies it does. (Actually it implies it does not too) Any explanation here? I always set the midrange to zero anyhow.
Thanks in advance for any replies.



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Mar 17, 2003
Actually, given the limited EQ available, I use the Talk one for talk radio, and the Custom one is set for the best sound I can get from it. Do you change your EQ at home depending on what kind of music you're listening to?
IMO, the three band EQ you describe, would give no different results than the two band. In effect, on the two band, the volume controls the adjustment on the mid-range, if you wanted to lower the midrange, you can just lower he volume and bring up the treble and bass back to the original level....

Even for home use, I think a 10 or 20 band EQ should be used to adapt the sound to the specific room. In an automotive application, the room is pretty well constant, and I think the Bose engineers have done their usual good job of setting up for that.
The times I've had full parametric EQ at home, I've mostly just set it once and left it there. (Maybe correct for a room full of nice sound absorbing people occasionally :) )
BTW, I used to be a recording engineer.


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Mar 25, 2003
Thomasville, NC
Does the loaded 2002 have the bose? I'm thinking of buying a used loaded AV Z71..... just curious

Can't afford a new one and I may have found a good deal! ;D


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Jul 17, 2002
Buffalo, NY
bigdaddy said:
Does the loaded 2002 have the bose?
Nope. 2003 is the first year for Bose in the Av.

-- SS