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2003 - I Say Yes!!


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Jul 21, 2002
Fairfield County, CT
Well after reading and drooling :p over all of the posts/pictures of all of the great rides/mods and all of the great info, I am very lucky to say that I will be ordering a new 2003 Avy tomorrow or Friday :)!!

In my spare time that I have not been at work, I have been spending loads of time on this site (installed a wireless network just so I could browse from bed) and tagging other Av's in my area SW Connecticut) with color brochures to help our club grow with more great ideas, knowledge and friendships.

I have ordered my club decals and picked up my amber DRL's and maglite mod stuff and will install these at the dealership before I take her home.

Hope to meet/see some of you in the near future.

Keep on modding!!!

GMAN62465 said:
I have ordered my club decals and picked up my amber DRL's and maglite mod stuff and will install these at the dealership before I take her home.
Now that's a serious modder! >:D

-- SS
Nice job on the order. As a proud owner of a new 2003 for all of 3 days now, I can say you won't be dissapointed. There a quite a few 2002s left around here (Seattle) but I some of the new features in the 03s were must haves for me.

Hope you survive the wait!
Wish ya the best of luck with your new purchase, as a matter of fact I was on the way home when I spotted a vehicle transporter with 3 brand new 03' Avs....quite a site both in the new blue and one in red.... :B:
That is so cool!

These guys are getting their MODs before they get their AV's >:D
Welcome to the club!
Well, I just found out that the "Build Date" is listed as the 28th of October and the expected delivery date to me would be around the middle of the November. Does that seem about right as I am located on the east coast?? (Connecticut)

Any other active AV members in Fairfield, CT?? I will be coming out soon... Full tilt and ready to go. :cool:

Just received my LINE OF FIREthrough the one week special and I test applied it to my Explorer to see it in action. REALLY COOL!! THANK YOU JASON! THANK YOU FOR A GREAT DEAL! Glad I jumped on board. :D

I have mods... No truck yet, just mods >:D

To be applied at the dealer before leaving:
AMBER DRLS - To be applied at the dealer before leaving
CAFCNA DECALS - Still waiting for them to arrive :6:

As soon as I get home

just gotta mod, it's too much fun!!


With all the new toys on the 2003 be sure to sit down with a beverage of choice, a couple good cd's and your owners manual and bond with your new Av. You after all have to setup your curb view mirrors, your easy exit driver seat, lumbar, side bolster, recline and front/rear height seat memory too.

Be sure to take time to familarize yourself with the steering wheel controls for the Driver Information Center, OnStar, Radio and CD player, and set up your preferences for your locks, perimeter lighting and personal trip meters.

Maybe take a sandwich with you too...
Thanks Prowler...

I downloaded the 2003 manual and have been reading it to get familar with all of the features. As well as taking local dealers AV's for a "Test Ride" ;) for my fix while waiting for it to arrive. >:D

Where are your pictures?? Hope to see some posted soon...

I would agree with SJProwler, I've had my Av for almost two weeks and I'm still going back to the manual to figure out how certain things work. There's a lot in there to absorb. I still don't know how the rear seat audio controls work, but my kids figured that out in about 10 minutes on their own. I probably won't be back there that much so that's low on my "to-learn" list!