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2003 New Chevy Front End!!!!!!!!


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Mar 3, 2002
Lafayette, LA.
Has anyone got their copy of motor trend for the month... I love it,, everybody gave me grief over buying my A/V and even Chevy was not to proud at the start
BUT LOOK AT THE NEW TRUCK WITH THE AVALANCHE HOOD AND GRILL. The only thing is they did not stick with the avalanche lighting setup...but apparently the hood and grill are catching on and chevy is going to make a go of it.....all i can say is LMAO at all of them....
Hmmm... I didn't know people had a problem with the front end, I always thought it was the body armor they had problems with.

Back when I first saw the AV, I loved the front end, but couldn't stand the body armor.... I grew to love all of it...
Nope Spork - the critics have hammered it for everything, and really hammered it for the cladding. One of the worst things I ever read in a review was, "has looks that would frighten small children and animals."
Is it me, or is the ability to have a vehicle that can scare the people around me, not a bad thing? Sounds like a plus to me.
Right on fellas. It is the uniqueness that makes this vehicle turn heads. We upgraded from our loaded 99 Expedition XLT to a '02 Av and one of the main reason is the trucks looks. Everyone I know at work says the more you see it the more the cladding seems to enhance and not detract from the overall look of the truck. Personally, the current '02 front end is awesome - if it frightens small children and pets, that just gets 2 thumbs up. I know my kids and my 7th grade sons' friends are huge fans of the design.

I'd be somewhat dissappointed if they drastically remake the front end. I like the "demented front end" comment from the Car and Driver review.
The front end of the Av is what actually grabbed my attention....I like that cmon' watcha got! look the Av puts out.....very intimidating and bullish....
I love the front end...

It looks like a mean snickering face with eyebrows (bugshield) and wide nose(bowtie) and a beard (cladding).

It is a mean looking truck!! ;D
I have had people say they don't like the front end of the Av. These people need a checkup from the neckup - the front end rules! Not having ever owned a truck or SUV, I never really thought about dominating the roadways. But I'm hooked on it now. Everybody just clears a path when you come down the street!

I know every man on my street now feels a little less masculine because they don't have an Av that rocks! And all the women my wife works with are jealous as can be because she is now the Queen of the Streets!
this was best stated in one of the other topics, " it's something people hate to admit they like", or something like that... ;)
The Av is my first truck. It the first truck I've seen that had ANY style. . . . more than enough style for me to get one. Everything else looks ancient to me.
The front-end and rear-end view are the most impressive. I think GM realizes a good thing when they see it- and so it is carried over to the Silverado.

The only thing I'm not crazy about is the squared off wheel wells. :cool:
Going back to the concept truck, the only thing that I wasn't sold on was the two spotlights mounted on the roof rack! And those didn't make it to production. I've always thought that the whole thing was nicely tied together from an asthetic point of view.

But what do I know - I never thought the Aztek deserved the 'Butt Ugly Asstek' title given it by one of the auto rags.
Hey I'am still trying to figure out how they put the two spotlights mounted on the roof rack. I Think that should be a option. I loved the proto, They even had rear tow hooks.
I just received my Truck Trend and Motor Trend, and I got a look at what the Silverado will look like come 03'....I like it....Like many others I am very fond of the facial features of our Av's...very intimidating.....

I like it so much that I probably won't get the full face grill but go the route G man went with the Waag frontrunner.....many people have complemented me on the truck, and the front end seems to always get rave reviews.....

Getting back to the Truck Trend issue..they also have a spy shot of the Colorado....which will soon replace the S-10.....very nice and of course will also share an Av facelift.... :)
spork_av said:
well, that is the reason I want one ;D
Well that's the reason I bought one ;D
What gets me is that the Avy's front end is Unique across the Chevy line. How bizarre would it be if they did change the front end. I think it would be better for us owners to have the original design. Maybe it will be worth more in the future.
One of the best reviews I read said "The Avalanche is for guys who wear their testosterone on their sleeves. Just look at the front end" To me the front end looks like this :mad: face. Who in their right mind would want to soften the look of the Avy.

I find this all very hard to believe. GM has already sold more than expected. Why would they then want to change it? Doing so would risk sales. I don't know guys but once perfection is achieved any other changes will chip away at this perfection.
you are correct, the rest of the chevy lineup is getting the AV front end, and not the other way around.
As soon as I read this thread I ran down to the corner bodega on the corner of Wall and Water and opened up the the 3rd or 4th page and read that the chevy line up is getting the Avy front end. I was kind of hoping they would change the Avy front end. Just imagine how sought after our trucks would be.
Hey the front end is what stops people and they ask how do you like? is it everything they said it is?

My response: its more :eek:

I would have liked it if they just kept this front end as an AV exclusive item. It kind of sucks that all the others are now getting it. :mad:
Quoting from the AP today:

"GM leaped $3.01 to $64.11. GM posted earnings, before one-time items, that shot off the charts on the back of strong gains from North American truck sales. The world's largest automaker also raised its U.S. sales outlook and its earnings estimates for the full year."

Looks like "Strong gains from North American Truck sales" is indicating a few AV buyers !!!!!!!!!!

The General is pocketing our AV cash boyz ;D