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2003 Rebate?


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Jun 16, 2002
Elko, NV
Does anyone know much about the manufacture rebate?

I am thinking that there is always $2000 to play with built in to the price, but the dealer/manufacturer just decide when they are willing to tell someone about it, and call it a rebate.

In other words is the invoice price really the bottom line unless the manufacturertells the dealer, hey, there is a rebate right now. (I don't really think it works that way).

A fan club member told me he ordered a 2003 for $100 over invoice. I don't believe that the dealer is only making $100.

Another way of stating it: If there is $2,000 extra built into the price, if someone buys at Invoice Price, is the dealer making $2000?


mjmenke said:
Don't forget deal holdback. Since he is going to pick it up the day it gets delivered the dealer holdback is all profit.

MSRP 39000*.03 = $1170.

Please goto the link below to read about dealer holdback.


Thanks very much for the link above. I had heard of dealer holdback, but never understood how it works. Now I do. thanks a lot.

I've never done much pre-research when buying a vehicle before, but since the 2003s aren't here yet, this website is a great way to get educated!
Dealers also have sales goals to meet, if they meet them, they get more incentive money back per vehicle sold (which is why the end of the month is always a great time to buy--they may be close to a goal number and be willing to blow some out the door to get there).

Also, remember that the finance room is a place that dealers make a lot of money with add ons and such. This is a great reason to hold tightly to your wallet when you go to make the arrangements to take that brand new, shiny, awesome looking Av home to meet its new family. Edmunds is also a good tutorial site for this topic.