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2004 Suburban/Duramax?


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Mar 7, 2002
Milwaukie, Oregon
A good friend of mine who seems to know all of the GM news first told me that GM is planning to introduce the 2004 Suburban with the Duramax engine. Obviously, the stealthy diesel would be linked to the five-speed Allison transmission and, equally obviously, the rig would be offered in 2500 and possibly 3500 models.

It seems like such a natural.

Has anyone heard about this? Or is my friend full of it?

Gad, can you imagine such a rig with Quadra-Steer.

Even without four wheels a'steering, I will (repeat - WILL) buy one. Gotta be 55K or more, but what the hell.

I am drooling

I really love the low end torque of the diesel

I want the rear wheels to turn also

but they may not offer that as the only way to get a quadrasteer suburban now is to get the 6.0 liter 2500

I actually heard the opposite... ??

I'm not sure how dated the info was that I was reading, but I heard that the Duramax's are at a high demand, and they're currently just making enough as it is for the truck market.

I got a serious craving for a Duramax. I've been looking at 2500 HD's more often every day. :cautious:
I have heard rumors that the Sub gets it's facelift for the 2004 model year. It will need some design changes in order to fit the Duramax/Allison combination. 2004 could be the year.
I ve been hearing roomers around work about a 2004 Duramax Avalanche! Now were talking! Imagine that boys and girls! I ll keep you posted with any "real proofs". Like actual documentation..........till then lets only pray.
I believe the Suburban frame would meed a total overhaul to fit the Duramax/Allison. Having said that, i suspect that GM and all of the automakers are going to saturate the market soon. Zero-percent is cool, but they are going to have to make innovative things to entice folks to buy in a recovering(?) economy.

Somewhere on the 'net is a romour that the 2004 Suburban will also have six doors. The extra two would be little ones over the rear wheel wells, so rugrats can scramble into the third seat.

Actually, when we had a Suburban ('9:cool: we never used the third seat. It hung on the wall of our pole barn for three solid years. When we sold the Suburban (and bought the Avalanche), the first thing the buyers said was, "Boy, we're glad it has a third seat." The buyer now hauls an untold number of rugrats around in it.

At least the little doors would make it easy to get stuff out of the front of the cargo area.

My guess would be that the front end of the Sub is going to look just like the Avalanche and the new Silverado.
Strobin_Avalanche said:
My guess would be that the front end of the Sub is going to look just like the Avalanche and the new Silverado.

That's usually how Chev has done it. The Subs facelift has matched the Silverado snout, but they wait 1-2 years before making its debut.