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2007 Avy Leaking water on the Drivers Side


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Aug 1, 2006
I was vacuuming my truck the other day and noticed a wet spot underneath the mat on the drivers side carpet.  I know that it couldn't have come from my feet being wet because I have 2 sets of mats in my truck.  I tried to vacuum out as much as I could.  When I got to work the next morning I removed the plastic trim pieces on the drivers side doorway so I could pull the carpet up and see if anything was wet under the carpet and what I found amazed me!!! Everything under the carpet was soaked.  Even the firewall cushion material was soaked.  I thought it might have been the A/C but when i turned the A/C on it was dripping like normal outside of the truck.  I put a water hose under the drivers side windshield wiper and turned the water on, in the middle of the windshield no leaks, as I moved the hose over to the edge of the drivers side water jus gushed into to cab right behind the emergency brake/hood lever area.  Has anybody had any problem like this?
My 2002 has always had a leak in the exact same location.? I park in a garage at home and work, so I've never had the motivation to look for the problem.? I always thought it was wet from my feet, but a persistent "funk" smell sent me searching one day to find the wet carpet.

I don't know if it helps, but thought you might be interested in what is an apparent design flaw all the way back to 2002.

BTW - I found that parking facing downhill seems to prevent the problem.? I haven't verified this with certainty, but it seems to work.? Parking uphill in driveways with a grade has resulted in wet carpet.

I assume it is an air intake leak, or weird firewall leak...??

Good Luck and please post anything you find.? John
Check all the rubber grommets that go thru the firewall. The parking brake cable grommet might not be seated properly.
I just had my sierra in for the same problem.    The Water docs took care of it.  apparently there is a drain behind the kick panel that can be clogged at the factory when they spray in the expansion foam.

and that whole area acts as a bucket and once it fills up to a certain point it starts leaking out into the cab. 

He unclogged the drain, replaced the padding and I haven't seen it leak since.