2007 Chevy Avalanche LS U-Joints.


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Hello Everyone,

    I am needing to change out the U-Joints on my Avalanche, and was wondering if I should go with Moog or Quarter Master U-joints.  And once I make that decision, do I but the ones with Zerk fittings (grease tips), that I can grease, or the non-greasable ones?



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Some folks say that the U joints with grease fittings are weak because the have been drilled for the grease fitting. I call BS on that, I'm sure the engineers took that int consideration when spec'ing out the steel used. Some folks say you need to install them so the hole gets compressed with the turning of the drive shaft, well, that hole will get compresses and pulled on in either direction; more (IMHO) BS .
Are you changing the joints because you hear/feel a "clunk" when going from fwd/rev/fwd or when the trans shifts? The 4l80E has a clunk in it, it's just the way it's made my tranny guy says.


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I put the Moog Greaseable Super Strength ujoints on my 2500