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2007 LTZ with TPMS - After Market 20" Wheels


SM 2007
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Dec 27, 2002
Mulberry, IN
:help: Does anyone know how the TPM system works and if it can still be functional with the addition of aftermarket 20" rims? I do not like the 20" polished look, so I would like to upgrade. I would appreciate any help or advice on this subject. I know that I could go with the Chevy rims, but they are a little over priced.
I had mine mounted at a reputable tire place here in town and never encountered a problem with the TPM system. Owners manual explains how to reset it if you get error messages. I never had any though. I jumped in and drove off when they were done and have never had a problem at all, so don't let that hold you back. Go for it and show us what you're thinking about getting!

Do you have any pictures of your AVS bugshield and your 20" rims? I wanted to get the AVS, but haven't seen any pic's yet.
Here ya go Reddilanche. Let me know if you want more.


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Rims are Liquidmetal Motorsports Magma series 20x8.5. Bull bar is Westin black powdercoat ultimate bull bar. Thanks for your complements!