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2007 TMPS will not work with 2006 and newer sensors

69 Z11

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Feb 2, 2007
Installed 2006 SS wheels on my 2007 Av and found out that 2006 and earlier TPMS sensors are incompatible with trucks made after October 6, 2006.? If you want the TPMS system to work you need to get your sensors out of your original wheels or buy new ones.? DO NOT LET THE DEALER TELL YOU THAT THEY CAN'T BE REMOVED.? The new style is screwed onto the valve stem and they can be removed.? All you need is a new TPMS valve stem for your new wheels, they are running about $3 each.? There is a lot of confusion (and ignorance) at the dealers about TPMS.? Here's a link that shows the new 2007 factory sensors and how to switch them.


You can order new ones with the stem if you want, make sure you get the right ones.? The factory ones are now the rubber snap in type.? $50 list, $32 online.? There is a listing for the clamp style (part# 15268606) that is supposed to work, but there are none anywhere in the GM system right now, don't know why.? Schrader makes both of the factory sensors and has a replacement clamp style available under part number 20158.
I believe the dealers were told that without details. So they just say what they were told.

The details are simply that the complete system itself "can't" without reprogramming it out, which GM will not do. Otherwise constant warnings.

As far as removing the sensors and replacing the compatible ones go, they just don't or hadn't dealt with the particular detail. So far anyway.

Thanks for posting the info! :)