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Oct 21, 2011
My 2013 also suffered the dreaded door panel arm rest crack. After sticker shock of replacement panel decided to try and repair the crack before buying a new panel. I saw a youtube video where someone repaired a broken tab on a front bumper cover (
). Pulled the top cover of the arm up and used couple of spring clamps to hold it back so could of sort of access the cavity of the arm rest. Used the process outlined in the video and it actually seemed to work, but the arm rest still had a lot of flex and I figured it would crack again. So then I used some JB weld PlasticWeld Epoxy putty (https://www.jbweld.com/product/plasticweld-epoxy-putty). Pretty much filled the cavity in the arm rest, now the arm rest is more sturdy than it was before the crack, and more sturdy than the passenger side door which is not cracked. It has been over a year and it is still doing good, overall cost was less than $20 for super glue and the JB weld which is a lot better than having to drop $400+ for a new panel.


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Sep 7, 2013
Add me to the list of casualties. My interior door handle also likes to stick open too, so looks like I have to take care of that as well.


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Apr 30, 2003
I am working this with my 2013. My plan is a steel strap through the handle wrapped in fibreglass/resin. Then fill any gaps in the handle with spray foam. Will update in the next few weeks.


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Apr 11, 2005
Well... I neglected my broken armrest for a while. Finally, the black plastic behind the vinyl grip snapped as well. And then I pulled out maybe 15-20 random cracked white plastic pieces. Hard to believe the plastic inner structure would crack in that many places. It seems the plastic wasn't up for the task. I think age got to it. This may not have anything to do with how the armrest is used (forces applied, etc). Perhaps simply heat/cold or just time is degrading the structure over time and making it extremely brittle.

I think mine is in such bad shape that I will go ahead and order a new panel even though expensive. Cheapest I've found so far is $430. If anyone knows a better place to get one ,please chime in, lol. There are actually 2 different panels depending on whether you have "power lumbar" seats or not. If you order one, make sure you get the right one.