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2013 National GTG Requests?


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May 12, 2011
So I really wanted to make it to this year's nationals, but like many of the members it just wasn't feasible.  I'm curious about how the venues are chosen every year.  Are there any reasons that particular places are chosen?  I'm fairly new to the club so I'm not sure if it's been done recently, but a Colorado mountain national GTG would be awesome!  There are lots of great places we'd have tons of options.  We've also been wanting to get out to the Oregon coast - it's perfect in summer.  Nice and cool most days and none of that 111 degree heat I'm seeing from this year's GTG.  Driving down the beach and doing some fun coastal activities would be cool.

Any input?  :B:
CC present locations.
then they discuss and vote.

so if you want your town to host one.
start talking to your CC now.
If you do not have a CC then Talk to a RC or the NC

If you do not know what CC RC & NC are then go to NEWS section for color coding thread