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22's-23's With All-season Tires?



Does anyone have any info on 22's or 23's as far as all season tires go. Want the biggest rim and tire combo w/out sacrificing ride quality too much. Please help with links as well!!
JRyther said:
I have not used any of these tires before but here is a tire from Pirelli.

Pirelli Tire

I think Nitto makes one that may work alright also. ?I have never used any of these but they look like they may work OK


Thanks for the above post. I have a similar problem. I want the off On/Off Road cability but I want to go with an 18 inch wheel. This was almost impossible to find until your above post was read. Nitto makes the Terra Grappler whose size specs are 285/60R18 120S. Now I can get the wheels I want and maintain the on/Off road Capability.

Again Thanks ;)