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2500 Gauge Cluster Swap


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Dec 11, 2002
Glenville, NY
I don't know if this is the approprate place for this but here goes.

I just swaped out the stock cluster for the 2500 cluster. ?I should have thought of this before I did it but, will the gauges read acurately on a 1500 Av? ?I know the fuel tank is bigger, the tires are smaller, and the tranny is different on the 2500. ?All my gauges work and are close to what the factory ones were but these questions popped in my head after I did the swap so if anyone can ease my ?mind, PLEASE ?:eek: do!!

I know the computer can be adjusted for tire size, but I am concerned with the the actual speedo, ?and how the gauges will respond to what I am assuming to be different sending units between the 1500 and 2500.

What is the average temp. folks have been seeing for the tranny. ?Mine was about 140 in 30 degree temps., cruising back country roads around 60mph. ?It seems to take a long time to warm up.

Thanks in advance for all the info!! :cool:
Pogo - It is a plug&play swap. The gauges just read what the sensors tell it to, so there is nothing to worry about. As for the trans temp. gauge, I don't have one so I have no answer for the ave. temp.

It seems to take a long time to warm up.
That's normal.
In the cold weather here in NE my tranny temp almost never gets to 150. In the summer months it will get to about 200. Even when towing my 4480lbs Impala with a 2500lbs trailer it will seldom go higher.
I also had installed a 2500 cluster about 5 months ago, and too thought about the tire size after the fact. I have, on numerous occasions checked my speedo and have found no deviation. As far as the tranny temp goes I have run it in the warmer weather as well as the 30's, when its cold I show about 140, when its warmer, say 70's, it runs about 150-160 but I have not seen it go any higher. I guess well see just where it goes when summer arrives and we start seeing the 90's everyday. It does take a while to reach operating temp, about 10-15 miles normal driving without towing a load. As far as the fuel tank goes I see no real differance other than the fact that my low fuel light comes on a little earlier than before, but it doesn't bother me much as I try not to get to that point on a regular basis. Anyway, I hope this helps, sounds like yours is doing the same as mine, I hope it's normal!
Thanks for the feedback guys! (y)

I just wanted to make sure the gauges and the sensors/sending units "understood" each other and gave us good info.

Isn't 200 a little on the high side, especially if you are not towing anything? ??? Just wondering, I have read some articles in the past and I think it said 210 -212 was the hottest you should get before it will shorten the life of the tranny. I could be remembering the article wrong, it was a while ago so if someone has better info please share!!

thanks :cool:
The only time I would see 200 was towing in 90+ degree weather, or stuck in traffic on the cross Bronx Expressway with nothing in tow. 150 is more the normal I would see not towing or stuck in traffic. Plus I read in the service manual you would get message on the message center if temp got to unsafe level, same as 03 on the new message center.