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2500 Height With Roofrack And Onstar?



The U.S website specifies the 2500's height as 73.3" without the roofrack, yet an illustration at the site indicates 73.6", which apparently includes the roofrack (?).

The Canadian website says 73.5" for the 4WD 2500. There is no illustration.

The Canadian brochure says 75" for the 1500 4WD, but the illustration appears to include an Onstar antenna which may be included in the overall height.

Does anyone know the height for a 2500 with a roofrack and Onstar? I have 76" clearance only at work, and I wanted to add a Thule to the factory rack. I can change my factory order and delete the rack if I have to (I think it's dealer installed in any event).

Come on you guys. Certainly there is someone here who can help me.

GM Canada emailed me specs for an 03 Sierra (??!!). I wanted to email them back and apart from telling them that they had their collective heads up their wazoos, I wanted to say that I got the answer here. Maybe then they would check the site out and consider some of the comments made on various points. I'm probably dreaming but nonetheless, it would have been nice to tell them that this site answered a question that they were unable to address.

I still haven't given up hope for an answer from one of you guys.
If your concerned about getting under 76" of clearance, I believe you will need to delete the rof rack. The roof rack is much taller than the onstar antenna. As a matter of fact, when I pull in my garage I have about 1/2" clearance on the onstar antenna, and about 1/2 inch clearance on the rear of the roof.

Hope this helps ya

I'll take a stab at this one seeing how it didn't get alot of answers. 76" equals 6'4". Now I have a 2500 Z-71 with OnStar and the roofrack. The good news is the OnStar antenna isn't a big issue.

I did take my Avalanche into a parking garage rated at 6'4". I was told by the people driving behind me when I parked that the roof rack had MAYBE 1/2" of clearance on it. My antenna (e.g. my regular radio antenna) hit every steel beam as we went through the garage, batang! Wanga, wanga, wanga, wanga, batang! It WAS NOT a fun experience.

So to answer your question, with a 4 wheel drive avalanche that has a roof rack, you'll barely get in at 6'4" - but if you add anything to that rack, you're done.
speaking of height, i had the Pioneer XM radio antenna on the AV. it is very tall. i had a problem getting into a buddy's garage. then i could not go into a parking lot at a mall parking garage.
i saw a Sony antenna that was substantially smaller. it looks real cool too. it is smaller than the Terk as well. the Pioneer adds about 4" to the height of the AV. plus it made the truck look like a shark. :8:
Chief said:
My antenna (e.g. my regular radio antenna) hit every steel beam as we went through the garage, batang! ?Wanga, wanga, wanga, wanga, batang! ?It WAS NOT a fun experience.

Have you ever seen the Coil Antennas. They Are full sized antennas with about 5 coils taking down the height.

They Look good Too, Had one on my Dakota(Couldn't get it off when I traded it in) or it'd be on my Av right now.