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2500 Rear end noise


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Nov 6, 2006
I just traded my 2005 1500 Avalanche for a lower mileage 2002 2500 Avalance. ? The 8. 1 pulls my 31ft. ?camper like it's not even there. ?There is no comparing these two trucks/SUVs(????). ?The 02' out performs the 05 hands down. ?I'll give credit where it's due. My 05 had a 8100lbs. ?5. 3L towing package and didn't do that bad with the camper. ?But, believe it or not, the gas mileage was very noticeably better with 8. 1 when towing the trailer.
Now for my question.
My 05 had a 4. 10 limited slip. ?You'd get a couple of one wheel spins until the diff locked and both would grab. ?
The sticker for my '02 says the rear is a? locking differential. ?No delay in the lock-up which is nice but. . . . . . ?When I start out on a turn, such as pulling out of a parking space, the rear end makes noise. ?If you hit it hard, no noise. The noise only occurs under light throttle. ?From what I've read about lockers, I'm assuming this is the locker and is typical. I've only ever had Ford trac locs, GM Posis, and the 05' limited slip so I'm not familiar with what this locker should and should not do. ?Again, I only know what I've read about lockers and what I've read is that they will make noise in turning situations. ?
The '02 only has 45,000 miles and it doesn't look like it was abused. It shifts perfectly and runs smooth. ?
I'm more than capable of repairing the rear if there's a problem, but I've never worked on anything past a 10 bolt Gm and 8. 8 Ford. ?Any advice on the possible repair appreciated. ?But, if what I'm hearing from the rear is normal, I'll leave it alone. ?

P. S. ?I'm really new to this site and If I've posted in the wrong category or forum let me know before you slam me. ?
I have had three 2500's. An 02, and now a 04...both I bought new. I just bought another 02 from Texas and expect it tomorrow. Obviously I like them.

All of them have/had rearend noise when I made a turn when driiving slow......Simple solution that has worked for me....The dealer has an additive they can add to the differental and ZAP...no more noise.

Good luck with your 2500. They are way more TRUCK than the half ton.
I have an 02 1500 with the locking differential and I have no noise at all, but then again I don't know if the 1500 has the same rearend as the 2500.

good luck and welcome