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4wd Not Dissengaging


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Apr 17, 2002
Elk Snout, Oregon, USA
Took it out to play this weekend. Tried out the 4wd and 4-lo. Both worked great. Now, it seems like it doesn't want to disengage from 4wd. I get a whirring sound from the front wheel well areas. We noticed it when driving slow through the neighborhood.

I pulled to the side of the road. Put it in neutral. Then pushed it into auto-4wd, 4-lo, and then 2wd. After that, it seemed to drive fine and not make the sound for now.

Anyone else have this happen?
When you were using the 4wd, how did you originally dis-engage it before you pulled over? I ask as the only way you disconnect from 4-lo is to put it in neutral and then make another selection (4-hi, Auto or 2wd).


I have had that happen before too.

Once in a while when I switch from 4x4 into 2hi, the button says it changed. However, it is still in 4x4 mode.

I have found the same thing as you, coming to a compelte stop and then switching seems to fix this. Now I just make sure I am stopped when I switch. Haven't had the problem since.
I was having a problem with going from 4 lo to 2 hi. It just seemed to take too long even stopped or rolling slowly. I found out that going from 4 lo to 4 hi first, and then into 2 hi worked a lot better. I guess the less parts that have to move at once the better. It never did "say" it had changed when it hadn't, but would click a couple times and keep indicating 4 lo.
I think I saw something on this in the manual. You have to be a a stop to go from 4low to 2wd ?? something like that. Probably not a bad idea to go from 4l to 4h then to 2wd. Ill check the book and see if I can find it again.
On the older manually shifted models, the transfer case would make a horrible noise when trying to shift from 4lo to 4hi while moving or in gear. You have to be stopped and in neutral going in or out of 4lo. Since they put the push buttons in, you'll notice that if you are in 4lo and push the 2hi button, it should just blink and not shift you out of 4lo. It knows not to do that while you're moving or in gear. It stems from the 4lo gearset not being syncronized in the transfer case. So it is much like slamming a manual trans into reverse before waiting for the main shaft to stop spinning. ;)
To come out of 4lo - you have to be in N and moving less than 3mph.

I always come to a stop put it in N then shift out of or into 4lo.

No need to take a chance on damaging the transfer case by doing a rolling shift. :B:
I was unable to get mine out of 4Lo even when stopped. I had to have it in neutral and rolling forward 2mph and then press the 2HI button. I think this is what the manual says as well.
I have always gone form 4lo to 4hi and then to 2hi. Not by choice but because of the trails I was on. After 4lo, 4hi was still required or nice to have on.

I always run 4hi on dirt roads(difficulty doesn't matter) and 2 hi on payment. I just prefer the addtional stabiltiy I get with 4wd on the dirt roads.