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4X4 Fuse ?


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Jan 17, 2002
Bourbon St. Balcony
I have a Z66.

How come I have a working 4X4 fuse in the fuse box?
You weren't supposed to notice this.... it is a secret chip installed in your AV by the CIA to track your movements :)

Honestly I have no idea
I like blue's explanation :).

Perhaps if you get a really steep hill the "Secret 4X4 Mechanism" will kick in...

I suppose it's just another example of cost effective parts sharing... same electrical system no matter which Av you have...
I was hoping someone with the manual could look it up for me. >:D Hint Hint
wrchism said:
Pull it and see what happens!

for some reason, i though this was funnier (i really like that word) than it should be :D :D :D but really, dont do that. i think the helms owners could give us more info on this. anyone?