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5.3 2002 Oil Filter Is Different Than '03?


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Oct 25, 2002
Arcadia, So.Cal.
I went to Pep boys to get a oil filter for my first oil change and their book only listed up to 2002. The AC filter number said PF-59. I have a 2003 AV and do not have the owners manual with me, so I bought the PF-59 thinking no difference right? Wrong! The 2003 oil filter is a PF-44. My motor is 5.3 by the way.

I compared the two and the only difference is that the 2002 (PF-59) is taller. Maybe I will try one to see if it really does fit next time.
So far I've only seen the PF-44 on Z-71 optioned '03 models of AV/SUB/TAHOE. The PF-59 is on all the other '03's I've seen at work.
Hey Edward k,
I had a feeling that the PF-59 would fit. I like that it is longer for more element=more filtering area. I just did not have a lot of time to experiment that day.

Also, I think that the longer length will help the oil drain out better without dripping on the crossmember.
I'd be interested in knowing if they are the same other than capacity. Wouldn't a larger capacity filter be a better thing?

I imagine less chance of any impurities getting through. ???

Any thoughts?
I'm guessing that the thinking behind a smaller filter on Z-71's would have to do with off-road clearance. In my opinion if filter X is 3" tall and holds 1/4qt. of oil and filter Y is 6" tall and holds 1/2qt. of oil, in theory, the filtering capability of the two filters would be the same. So someone would have to find the capacity of a PF-44 and a PF-59 and the overall size of the filtering media inside both to try to make a determination on which would be better.

I imagine less chance of any impurities getting through.

This would be the responsibility of the filter media measured in microns, not the size of the filter.