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5 Channel Amp Install


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Good morning everyone.

New here, just picked up my 07 AV about 2 weeks ago and had a question about wiring in a 5 channel amp. I have installed several subs and aftermarket speakers myself and I know this might be a dumb question, it is more of a sanity check for me since I have never powered component speakers with anything other than a HU. I want to keep the factory HU installed so I was looking at a PAC adapter (not sure which to use, their explorer specs the #AOEM-GM1416 but i have seen on here #AOEM-GM24) but it only has RCA output for Front and Rear. I am safe to run Front from the HU to Front on the amp, and then run Rear to a splitter and run that input into both the Rear and Sub jacks on the amp correct?

I think I am going to just disconnect the tweeters unless I have overlooked some relatively simple installs (dont mind the look of the grill and dont really want to mess with fabbing anything) and replace the door speakers and add (2) 8" subs with StephenDs box.

Crutchfield Spec'd Focal Integration speakers for the doors. I am not familiar, anyone have experience? I have used a lot of Polk in the past, and my beloved Boston Acoustic about 11 years ago (still have my 12" G5)

Any input, tips, or advice is appreciated!


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Be aware that you may have a BOSE amplifier in your truck which will need to be accounted for.  You should be able to use a harness to bypass the amplifier and feed the speakers directly.

If the '07 is like the '03-'06 I wouldn't bother disconnecting the tweeters unless you replace the speakers in the doors. They are run in parallel with the speakers in the door and have caps on them to prevent lower frequencies.  Won't hurt anything leaving them in place.



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Hey Rodney thanks for the reply. I actually do not have the Bose system in my truck, so I dont think i have any amps to worry about. After reviewing I think im going to leave the tweeters alone like you said. I am going to swap the door speakers, but I will let the HU feed the tweeters and the amp can run the doors.

Have a terrible rattle in the rear doors. Right where the door handle is, not the actual lever but the lower portion of the notch around the rigid door pull portion. Hoping i can use some deadener to fix that issue while i have the door apart.

Been such a long time since i have done an install, i forgot how much crutchfield marks up everything!