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5 Star Shine?

This quote from there site makes me cringe:
5 STAR SHINE is the ONLY paint protection system to be awarded a US Patent. And of course you don't get a patent until you can PROVE results!
That last sentence is a bold faced LIE. You don't have to prove results to get a patent, you just have to prove that nobody else has patented a product sufficiently similar to yours. I'm going to skip the whole debate about intellictual property patents (i.e Amazon one-click shopping) so as to not hijack the thread.

If they'll lie about that, they'll probably lie about how well their product works. It does sound interesting though.

I am not a lawyer... I don't even play one on TV. This is just how I understand patent law to work. If I'm wrong, please enlighten me.
Wana buy a bridge?

There are lots of companies that make and then market similar product....but read the advertising carefully like a lawyer would....

Also Teflon will only stick to surfaces when it gets baked on at like over 600Degrees F.....a long time ago Dupont stated Teflon in paint care products has no benefit.....(they do not make paint care products).....the companies that were buying teflon and making these bogus claims sued DuPont and well now DuPont says nothing.......