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50,000 Mile Club


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Mar 7, 2002
If your at 50,000 miles or over. Post on what repairs you did to your AV.
I have 52k and counting and my AV has been great. I have just changed the rear diff fluid and plan to do the front diff, transfer case, and flush the trannsmission. So far all I have had to replace were the tires and one U-joint that was getting worn ( I constantly beat the crap out of my AV from stop light to stop light so do not expect this to happen to yours). Other than that my AV is awesome and you can be sure I will be back for the 100k club ;D ;D

I did my 50K service at 44K miles. Here is what I did.

Tranny filter and oil change
Fuel filter
Cleaned K&N air filter
Oil change with filter
New tires Lub all joints
I'm currently at 51,332. I'm so glad i got the extended warranty! So far I've had no problems with it other than swapping the rear window due to the trim cracking. I'm starting to notice that the front passenger window is getting slower so i'm going to address that when i have time to bring my truck in. yay avalanche! In the meantime, i'm looking around for a 1970 Hemi 'Cuda as my baby car ;) they are getting harder and harder to find...
good luck on the cuda. Restored and drove a 69 charger RT for several yrs and had lots of trouble finding good parts for it. was a beauty though!

Guaranteed to luv it! mopar rules!
Ok I have 51,444 as of know and I have fixed my sunroof 2 times for noise when closing, Service ever 3K, rotate tires every 5K, Need new tires now, Replaced Rear window, and that is about it best truck ever ;D
OK, If i get the springs installed tomorrow i will be over the 50,000 mile mark. Have a company car so miles have slowed down.
Repairs done
*replace one drip pan in bed
*replace one hard cover due to warping
*had one water leak repaired, got it right the first time
*Had tapping noise under hood, they bent fuel line out to get it off of firewall, (5 second job)
*Driver side rear door, replaced cladding=coming loose
*I am super picky about my little AV and that is all that i have done as far as repairs go.
As far as maintenance my mechanic says I am paranoid, I am always ahead of schedule on keeping up with service.....
SS= Super Satisfied
As a soon to be owner... I like this thread.

! question regarding the comment above about being glad the extended warranty was purchased... would you mind sharing with me the cost. I just walked away from a Red Z71 loaded with everything($33k before taxes/fees, msrp was almost 43k)... because they quoted $4750 for the ext. Warranty!! I mean that would only be a good deal if I expected to spend more that 1200 dollars a year in repairs for years 4 through 7!! I read the threads regarding 4wd switch problems.. and it seemed the ext warranty would be a good investment... but 4750 is 4 times the most I have ever paid for one.
Well I missed 50,000 mi but took a pic at the next best.

This is the second time at 50k, the real 50k ;) and what this cluster calls 50k >:D Ok, how bout the 53k club :rolleyes:

Nothing repaired since 36k
1 new tire, I hate that spare :7:





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I hit 50K today  :D no major repairs so far.
89K Did both hub bearings. Only one was really bad though. Everything else I did/changed was maintenance work and or wear parts like brakes  :love:
Poetrybo said:
In the meantime, i'm looking around for a 1970 Hemi 'Cuda as my baby car ;) ?they are getting harder and harder to find...
Were are you located at?  I see a RR Every week to and from work.
54k on the '05 AV.  Intermediate steering shaft replaced twice.  Drive shaft replaced due to leaking pinion seal and rear seal.  That's about it.

22k on the '06 AV.  Not a single issue to date.
Will turn 50K tomorrow.

Just got hit for $600.00 to replace the encoder for the transmission. Electronic Shift lights on the dash started changing from 2hi to 4lo to n to 4lo on its own. Truck would shift to 4lo, would have to stop turn truck off and restart to get 2hi.

Did not have the extended warranty and the dealer wouldn't pick help.

Also would like to Gatorback... any good dealers in the Northeast?
I am at 50k + 50k+15k. So far I have changed the tranny fluid twice along with all the differential and transfer case fluids. I changed the tires because I was not happy with the off road traction in the snow on the side of a hill. I replaced all my brakes because my rear passenger pad broke. I just replaced the serpentine and AC belt at 113k. I now have to replace the Intermediate steering shaft. I have had to replace 3 windshields so far. I usually get a new one every Spring. This is the first year my windshield did not get broke.
I am also a maintenance freak. I am always changing or cleaning or replacing something on my Av.

So I would have to say that this vehicle has been the best most worry free vehicle I have ever owned. Between the Av and the wife's Honda, I have been blessed with great vehicles.
OK now i am getting my 50,000 and 52,500 done at same time.  My mechanic B&K Auto said my trans oil was a little dark.  Getting the transfercase and tranny flush and Fuel filter for 185.00.  Getting my Transmission cooling unit put in for 225.00  parts and labor.  Total bill for the 50,000 mile club.......$410.00