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$50 For First To Fax Info TODAY ONLY



I need the pages from the 2002 Avalanche service manual that tells how to get to the SDM, which is located in the center console.

Our fax is 847-647-0743. Please include title page of the manual.

We can send a check or paypal to the winner.

We know about Helm but they can't work that quickly. Dealerships are typically too busy to help.
SDM = sensing diagnostics module? ?i.e. the thing that controls the anti-personnel mines . . er, airbags in your Av?

Unfortunately, I'm at work and my manuals are at home, or I'd look it up for you . . . but I wouldn't accept the $50 . . . just not the way things are done at CAFCNA!

Welcome to the club - someone here will get you the info!
If you can fax them to me tomorrow, we can work something out. Basically how do I disassemble the center console so I can get at that SDM. ;D
Ack . . . . your thread was titled 'today only' . . . somehow I'd figured that you had another solution after yesterday . . .

I've made myself a note - I'll see what I can find tonight. I also fowarded your thread to Jason Pendlum who does all sorts of mods on these trucks - he may have quicker advice.
Thanks to wrchism I saw this post.

I've never heard of this unit before. That's a new one for me. Perhaps they hide some units in the center console on the avys that they don't on the trucks. Learn something new everyday. I love it.

I'll see if I can help you out.

Removing the Console Bucket
Open the center console.
Remove the console storage bin screws around the top edge.
Remove the 4 bolts (inside the bucket at the bottom) securing the console to the bracket.
Remove the rear cupholder by using a flat bladed tool to pry on one side out.
Remove the 2 retaining screws.
Remove the console storage bin and lid from the console.

Remove the cup holder in front
Slide the cup holder back pulling up at the same time. You may have to slide it forward. One way or the other will allow it to be removed. A lot of people just pull up and it comes out. Mine on my Silverado is a little tough.
It won't feel like it's sliding that much. The clips are on the front and back edge of the cup holder.

You'll see two screws (7mm) under the cup holder securing the center console to the extension. Remove those and you should be able to remove the whole console from the truck.
The A/C duct just slides into the section under the extension. Very easy to remove.

If you feel you need to pay $50, just donate it to the Fan Club. That's why we're here, to help each other.

Hope this helps.
Trio . . .

I looked up the console removal info this evening - I've nothing to add to what Jason posted, but will be glad to fax the pages to you if you like.

BUT. . . I also looked up the SDM in the Av manual. That unit is under the driver's seat. To get at it remove the driver's seat and the sill plate at the driver's door. Fold back the carpet to get to the SDM.

Let me know if you'd still like the fax.