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70's wood panel dash


Full Member
Sep 18, 2006
Sumter, SC
Is there an option not to get the 70s wood grain panel from grandmas station wagon on the 07 dash boards?  Pretty much the only thing that makes me cringe on the 07s...oh wait...and the retarded location of the battery.    ANybody know?
lmychajluk said:
The trim on the Z71s is brushed aluminum, not wood.

This works for me, I dont like it myself, that why I am Denali Nation Blackwood 
Agreed on not being a fan of the wood, but there is NOT a choice.  Silver with the LS and Z71 trims, and faux wood in the LT1, LT2, LT3.

Annoying, especially since the majority seem to prefer the silver, but that's how it's done right now.  The only car, actually, GM gives a choice in is the lowly Impala--there you actually get a no cost pick of silver or wood trim.  It would be great if they'd do the same with the trucks, but we'll have to wait a few more weeks to see--I wouldn't expect it, however.