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A Few Questions....



:B: I just bought my new avalanche two weeks ago and I just found this website. So far I really like it! As to my questions, I've heard people talking about the production date (water leak problem threads).. Where do you find the production date? Is it the date on the door? Mine says 08/01....seems odd I bought it in 05/02, it would be that old! Or am I wrong on where to find the date? If so do I need to worry about having problems? Also I was told it had a security device installed in the key. If I wanted a copy I needed to pay 30.00 for a key with a chip. If not, it wouldn't start and security light would come on. Well I decided to just get an extra key made without the chip so I could at least open the doors. I put this key in the ignition to give it a try and it works!! In fact I drove all the way home, about 30 miles with the copied key. Did I misunderstand the dealer, or is there a problem? My final question, I've seen the escalade gauges and I really like them. Has anyone installed them? Is it as easy as they say it is? What would happen if I didn't transfer the milage and hours to it? Well I thank eveyone for there comments and input. ;D
Hi Dazed. Welcome to the site and prepare to be addicted! You can find your production date on the sticker on the drivers door jam. I am sure someone else hear knows about the key. The gage swap is supposed to be a no-brainer. Many of the folks here have made the swap. You might want to try a search for it.

The Avalanche does not have a chip in the key. A mistake I think that they made when my wife's venture has the key as standard equipment. The Escalade cluster is an easy swap, the only thing you have to remember is that you would have to have the mileage and hours swapped from the old cluster. Any certified shop or dealer should be able to do this for you for a nominal charge. We are having a raffle for an Escalade cluster on this site, $5.00 and you might win the cluster and $50.00 towards the installation.

PS Welcome to the site
Almost forgot, if you didn't have the mileage transferred over you would run into problems if you ever decided to trade the vehicle in or sell it.

You are correct, the build date is on the sticker on the driver's door.

Also, look on the frame just beneath the front passenger door, there is a sticker there too.

Mine also is 08/01 build. No complaints except rust under door weather strip at roof line from dealer installed roof rack. I think drill shavings got left under there.

Be prepared to spend many hours on this site. Lotsa info.
Hey Dazed,


Check out the following thread: Did I just make a BIG mistake?? . ?There are several good replies that may answer your leak questions and Date of manuf. as well as give you a good feeling about your purchase. ?Start at page one.

Good luck,

Truckman :B:
Welcome Dazedragon,

I also have an 08/01. I bought it in September. ?So far, no leaks. ?It smoked once or twice on startup, when brand new. ?NO CURRENT PROBLEMS! ?GREAT VEHICLE!!!
8/01 build...bought 9/01

No problems! a good month for AVYS I say!!!!!
All the above are correct about the gauge cluster and factory spec. sticker.....I did pop open my transmitter and no chip...just a standard watch sized battery to power the little sucker....you shouldn't have any problems.....now if you had a VW..then I would say good luck, seems like all there remotes are pre-programmed from the factory....you would have to go back to the dealership once the original goes bad....

One of there service reps told me that most of the time its the program in the chip that goes bad, not the battery like some would assume... :B: