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A Great First Trip In Crummy Weather!


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Nov 11, 2002
North of Concord NH
After owning my AV for all of one week, I set out this past Friday to visit my alma mater, Clarkson Univ, in Potsdam NY for a meeting and to watch some college hockey :D Potsdam is about 30 miles from the Canadian border, so the trip involves going through NH into VT, then over the top of Lake Champlain into NY (turn left into NY, right into Quebec :) ), then along secondary roads across the top of NY state.

The trip up was not too bad, clear for half the trip, then rain/sleet for the rest of the trip. The AV performed great - plenty of power in the mountains (it -is- new so I was not setting any land speed records!) and nice and comfortable. I made the 300 and somewhat mile trip using only 2/3 of a tank (about 16mpg!) I was really impressed with the mileage - for a new engine, it was 2 mpg better than the best mileage I could get in the Tundra (my previous truck).

The weather going home Sunday was crummy - 3 inches of snow overnight, sleet and freezing rain coming down. Up in that part of the world though, the plowing crews are pretty good so the roads were OK. I left the AV in auto 4wd and chugged up the snow-covered college hill roads with no problem (some poor student following me in his car was not so lucky - he couldn't make the hill and turned around!) I took a slightly different way back because some of the secondary roads were pretty icy... I took the Lake Champlain ferry across instead - being near the lake was warmer and it was just rain there. The rest of the trip home was pretty much just rain, so I went back to regular 2wd and "normal" speeds. The amazing thing to me is I got the same 16mpg on the trip home, even with auto 4 engaged for at least 1/3 of the trip.

All in all about 700 miles on the AV this weekend and a good, safe trip. I love this truck! ;D
Unfortunately no pictures. I had a computer and scanner with me but no camera. I was behind schedule leaving home Friday and forgot the camera :cry:
I bet you loved the feel of the Av in the snow...I know my first experience with this truck in the snow..still leaves a grin on my face.....stable isn't the word to describe it..... :B:
NJAV said:
I bet you loved the feel of the Av in the snow...I know my first experience with this truck in the snow..still leaves a grin on my face.....stable isn't the word to describe it..... :B:
Yeah I was pretty impressed. I played around with it in the (empty) motel parking lot in 2wd and was impressed with the traction even in 2wd. I tend to prefer rear-wheel handling characteristics to front-wheel anyway...

I have owned several 4wd and AWD vehicles in the past and the AV ranks right up there... I really like the Auto 4wd setting - makes a lot of sense as opposed to running 4wd or 2wd as I had to do in the Tundra.
The only other vehicle that handled like a monster in the snow and it wasn't even a truck...was my old 89' Audi 90 quattro....that thing was also amazing in the snow...couldn't break it lose for some reason...I think the weight had something to do with it.... :B:

The Av just kicks ass!!! Bottom Line... :B:
I live right near the lake - in South Burlington - and I've got to say I love this truck in inclement weather. I'm a VT native and two years ago I was sick of VT winters, but now I have my Avalanche and I grin like an idiot whenever the roads get bad. Auto 4WD is faultless in a foot of snow, even going up unpaved backroads (I deliberately look for the longest, steepest, worst roads in winter now - it's too much fun!)