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A Howl At The Dairy Queen



Well...my family and i were sitting at the local DQ enjoying dinner and a blizzard when we noticed this older gent milling around our AV. He must have spent 15 minutes looking in the windows, touching the cladding and just taking the whole thing in....the funniest part was when he walked back in the restaurant, he stopped at our table and asked if that was our vehicle. The only way we know he knew it was our truck is my wife had on her ERA real estate sweatshirt...and i have the logo's on the truck...he asked what kind of a Army vehicle it was...and said that if that thing EVER got stuck...the world would come to an end! We still laugh about that day....The big beasty draws attention no matter where we go!
All Right, So I gotta Ask, Which DQ?

The one in NK or the One In Parnussus?