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A Letter I Just Sent To OnStar


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
As the President of the Chevrolet Avalanche Fan Club I wanted to send my compliments to the level of service OnStar provided on Saturday, June 1st, 2002.

The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Chevy Avalanche Fan Club was on a Forest Service Road about 100 miles east of Seattle when we can across a Ford F-250 that had crashed into the forest. The driver had been stranded for some time and his cellular phone did not work. All but one of the Avalanches had OnStar and so we pressed the button on the one highest on ridge.

The service center person that answered the phone gave us our exact location and a phone number to a recovery service for us to call. Outstanding service considering the vehicle down was not OnStar equipped. We called the wrecker service and three hours later the buried Ford was out of the woods.

Thanks OnStar, I know now I will be renewing my membership come December.
Hey Chief I also noticed when I programmed the virtual advisor that is Says " I see you are in ______ City let me get you the weather" The GPS part works great. I pre programmed 3 weather locations and it will give you current weather based on your location, That is a neat feature.

I'm glad to hear the onstar feature proved to be beneficial....I haven't had to use my onstar yet...but will be renewing the contract at the end of the year....it proves better safe than sorry.... :B:
I haven't needed it a lot, but think it is worth the base price - used it once to get a code readout, very professional.
Lock your keys in your car once and you will have a true appreciation for OnStar. I only wish there was a version of OnStar that came with a Visual GPS screen like the Acura's and Mercedes.

Onstar sounds like a good thing to get on my 2003.

Question: how much is the service (I don't think it is standard) where you contact Onstar and they tell you if the highway ahead is free of accidents or problems?

Being a Californian, that could prove VERY valuable.

Could save a whole day of being tied up in the horrific accidents that happen here all to frequently.

The whole thing sounds like a pretty inexpensive multi-faceted "insurance policy" to me and a good :0: idea!