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A Little Chuckle At The Home Depot


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Jul 24, 2002
Jackson, NJ
The other day I got the bright idea to build some horseshoe pits. Thinking this through thoroughly I decided that I would need several 12 ft long 4x4's (the wooden kind, not Av's or other similarly equipped vehicles). So I head for the Home Depot. I get one of their fancy lumber hauling carts and off to the lumber section I go. While I was there I decided that I should also get some 4x6x12 ft chunks to border my otherwise shabby gravel driveway. So I load the cart up with 4 of the 4x4?s and 8 of the 4x6?s. I then go to the register hand the nice lady all my money and head back out to the Av.

As I approach the Av, I notice a guy sitting in an ?older? Ford (sorry to use the f word here, but that really is what he was in) watching me drag all this lumber across the parking lot. When I stop beside the big blue beast, I notice him now beginning to chuckle, undoubtedly thinking to himself ?I wanna see this nut case put those 12 ft long chunks of lumber in that little 5 ft. bed? (apparently he?s unfamiliar with the Avalanche (naturally so being a F&*% owner)).

Without pause, I open the drivers side back door, drop the mid-gate (leaving the window in) and then walk around to the back and lower the tailgate. As I begin to slide the first stick in, his chuckling is much more apparent than at first. Well as you all know, there wasn?t much of that 12 ft stick left hanging off the end of the tailgate when I was done.

I wish I had actually seen the change in his facial expression taking place but I missed it. I turned around to catch a glimpse of a face looking like ?Where did he put that thing and how did he get it in there?? ?:eek:

After loading up, I proceeded to drive away with him looking perplexed and me doing the chuckling.


Ya GOTTA Love this thing ?:love: ?:B:
Cheers Blue Thunder :)

She'll take all of that and more! Love Home Depot, get compliments there all the time. When I got my magnaflow muffs, I drove up there just to show off :love:
Awesome story Blue,
I've had the same experience a couple of times. It's great to wheel out a bunch of 4x8 peices of plywood and 8' 2x4s and put them in the back and close the tail. I've had a few people comment on how well everything fits in there. ;D
What a great story! ? ?(y) ? :B: ? (y)


And on a side note.... This post makes me a Zealot ;D

Great story! It's projects like this that were one reason behind my purchase of the Av. I got real tired of loading 4x8 sheets of stuff on my S-10 Blazer's roof rack. The Av makes it a piece of cake!

You're right . . . gotta love it :love:
Home Depot trips are like free advertising for GM on how well the Av does it's job. Here are my favorite Home Depot moments:
? 48-12"x8"x4" Landscape bricks (48=half palette). Each brick is 22lbs so the load was about 1100 lbs.
? Lumber (10-6"x6"x8' green-treated posts, 12-1"x6"x12', 4-1"x6"x10', 4-1"x6"x8', 12-1"x4"x12', 4-1"x4"x10', 4-1"x4"x8' and 96-2"x2"x40" tapered spindles)
? 20-80lb bags of QuikCrete. This half-palette of QuikCrete weighed 1600lbs.

In all cases, the tailgate was up and covers were on. In the case of the 12' and 10' lumber, I stacked it and rested it on the back of the center console.