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A little free entertainment


Full Member
Feb 22, 2006
Cleveland, GA
The last friday night in June, Habersham Bank in Cornelia does a concert (with a country artist, last year it was Darryl Worley) and a fireworks display.? Lots of food offered for sale by local civic groups and things.? If anybody is interested in coming over for that, I'll see what I can do about getting a spot for us to park together and that sort of thing.

Started checking around a little more and found out that this year the concert is by Aaron Tippin.? His part of the concert starts at 7, but there are other things going on earlier and the parking lots fill quickly.? Some park two or three days early.? But I might be able to work something out.
Big L said:
What about parking? >:D

Well, last year Bob and you know who showed up and they found parking on the side of the road pretty close to the stage.  They didn't get there until about 7.  If I know how many folks are coming, I can at least stake out a spot where we can see the show on the lawn at the bank or the lawn around the shopping center, or even in an old on ramp that has been sown in grass.  So let me know.
MEDICO said:
Don't forget? >:D You're the one who picked up two strange men at last yrs concert :laugh:

You said it!!!!! :laugh:

I think I'll eat some Chinese this year too.  Glenn is planning to come up again!
What?  You people don't like free fireworks and free music to get you warmed up for the big fireworks shows in July?  :kidding:  Just trying to bump!
dang it...I thought there were gonna be pictures of you pole dancing in this thread  :laugh:
Ok, Just in case anyone was planning on surprising me, let me tell you what's come up since I posted this.  Found out that a lady that has been a family friend for years and whom I worked with in my first job, is retiring and there is a party for her on the same date.  I can't be at both things, but I feel like I need to be at the retirement party. 
That being said, don't let my absence spoil your fun!  Free concert and fireworks are always good!  Again, I would tell you that if you plan to come, get there as early as possible!
Yakmar said:
Country music???? ? :C: :D:

Sorry just personal taste!! I'm all about the KRUNK!!!? ?:p

No problem!  Didn't figure you were coming anyway! :laugh:

It's free and it's fireworks.