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A Non-AV Owner's Story


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Apr 17, 2002
Elk Snout, Oregon, USA
My brother works for the phone company. ?One day last week he was at someone's house in the Denver area to work on their line. ?After the work was done, the homeowner walked him out the truck through the garage.

He stopped my brother to show him his new (I think he said 3 week old) AV parked in the garage. ?From what I gather the guy was pretty taken by the Av as he showed my brother how to 'make change', the side strage bins, rear bumper steps and top hand holds.

I guess they were there for a while as he said they pretty much covered the AV from bumper to bumper. I told him, "Yeah, AV owners are like that. We get a little excited and like to show others all that it can do." :love: :B:
Yea I am sure I annoyed as few people giving them demos they didn't want >:D

Just can't help it.... My AV owns!!! (y)
CoAvZ71 said:
Great story. ?Did he tag the Av owner? ?We'd ?:love: to have more Avs in the CO chapter ?:).
Nope. I don't think he is aware of this site. I know I have talked about it though.
Did the guy have the Amber DRL's or the Mag flash light mod in the side bins. Heck he might have been one of use already. espically if he stopped your brother to show him his AV.

like the White Castle commercials LOL

Yeap he's one of ours. Another AV
flynhigh said:
Yea I am sure I annoyed as few people giving them demos they didn't want ?>:D

Just can't help it.... ?My AV owns!!! (y)
Does that mean that you have to pay them a dollar to watch the demo? ;) Mmmm best not say much 'cos I figure that I'll probably be the same when mine arrives. (y)
Your brother does not work in La Grande does he I did the same thing two days ago the cable guy was up at our house and he was asking me about my Av and I showed him the mid-gate, storage boxes, cargo covers, bumper steps, grab handels, and the heated seats.