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A Question about towing


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Apr 26, 2007
St Augustine, Fl.
    Getting ready to buy an Avalanche, I have found a 6.0 LTZ that I like.  The tow rating on this is 7800LBS and my boat that I will tow is 6500LBS. I was just reading the Avalanche brochure and it states "Weight carrying hitch limit 5000LBS trailer with 600LB tongue weight.  Weight distributing hitch and sway control required over 5000LB trailer weight. The vehicle owner is responsible for obtaining the hitch ball; a hitch of the proper size, type and capacity; and other appropriate equpment reaguired to safely tow the trailer and load that will be towed."
    Does this mean I will have to remove the stock hitch and replace it with a bigger one on a truck that comes from the factory with a 7800LB tow rating?
No.? It means that for a trailer over 5,000 lbs, utilizing the existing hitch system, you need to add a weight distribution hitch which are typically equipped also with sway control.? The most popular ones seem to be the Equalizer and Reese system hitches.? They distribute weight off of the rear axle through the use of torsion bars -- lifting the rear end of the truck slightly, thus transferring weight to the front axle of the vehicle.? ? ?
I do not see how you would use a weight distribution type hitch on a boat trailer. Is there something made that will work on single pull bar of a boat trailer.
You would need to add an adapter to your boat trailer such as this:?

You probably never had such concerns with a 3500HD... welcome to the world of 1/2 tons!