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A Typical Avalanche Story



First of all, I have been into the Av idea for a long time. In 1995, I saw a demo of the ZR-4, the 4-door S-10 in a 4-wheel drive magazine (the first one I saw was just shortly before I actually saw the first Avalanche on the road). In early 2000 I saw the Pterradon (GMC's concept vehicle) and the Avalanche concept vehicle. I was so interested, I kept checking in with the Chevrolet website and was asked to participate in some polls. For my interest, I received some token gifts and plenty of reading material about the Av (which, if I had saved, I'm sure would be worth something by now). I am the kind of person that the "newness" needs to wear off and GM needs to fix the kinks before I go out and buy (such was the case in my 2000 Silverado Z-71). I had bought a 1998 GMC Sierra in anticipation that there would be some kinks to work out on the new body-style (and to much of my foresight, I was proven right). Many friends had leak problems as bad or worse than what I have read about on the CAFC forum, and I heard other complaints. In the 2+ years I owned my Silverado I did not experience the first problem, but I knew that I really wanted an Avalanche and I knew that there would be problems.
About 1 year ago, my wife bought a 2001 Chevrolet Suburban, and we had that vehicle in and out of the shop for weeks at a time for one problem or another. We pursued replacement through the Georgia Lemon Law and won in arbitration with GM (so if anyone needs any advice, I feel like I am an authority for what my wife and I have been through).
Anyway, I have almost always owned a GM vehicle as long as I have been driving, and have loved the Av concept since the first time I saw it on the internet, but I wanted for the new concept, image and problems to iron themselves out.
As the typical consumer, I had seen the finished product parked in front of the Chevrolet dealerships and drove by, looking with curiousity, but afraid to have affection to the new vehicle concept. One day I did an appraisal on a house and what was parked in the garage, but a Chevy Avalanche and the owner was extremely satisfied with his purchase and showed me how everything worked. He had just returned from a trip to Arizona (from southeast Georgia) and back and said that it was the best driving vehicle he had ever driven. I took him at his word. In the mean time, I envied everyone driving an Avalanche. I finally purchased mine on the last day of the 5.9% and $2,002 cash back and I am soooo glad I did. This is the most incredible, practical, versitile and useful machine on the road. Period!
dustman, welcome to the forums! I would love to get my hands on some of the original AV material. I was able to obtain a press kit for the production AV, but I haven't found anything yet for the concept AV.
Unfortunately, due to my wife's Suburban Lemon problems, all that is left is a Matchbox Car sized replica Av that I gave to my son. When he saw it he told me it was a "water car", where he got that concept, I still don't know. I'm sorry I can't be any more help with some of the nostalgia, but all that was in my hands is now in the dump.