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A Used Camaro Question


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Mar 4, 2002
I have a few thoughts.

1. If it is a factory electric guage, the sending unit may be bad.

2. ?Where does the needle sit when the engine is not running? ?This may show that the gauge itself may be off.

3. ?How much oil is showing on the dip stick? ?It may have too much oil.

4. ?A trick that some people have used to sell cars is to put a heavy weight oil (50wt, etc.) this will temporarily(sp) cover up low oil pressure.

5. The oil pressure increasing with engine RPM is normal.

...just some thoughts
FWIW, I have a 92 RS 25th Anniversary edition, 6 cyl. ?The oil pressure needle pegs on start-up and pretty much stays there while running.
I had a 25th anniversary z-28 (1992) back in my freshman yr at college. The oil pressure guage done the exact same thing and it only had 28k miles on her. it was a great car. Had the 5.0 TPI with the 5 speed. Black with the red "heritage" stripes. miss it abunch :cry:
I had a 1998 Camaro V6 (just traded it in an Avy - tough call, but couldn't have both :cry:). It would jump to just above half on startup, and stick there for a few minutes. It would then vary between 1/4 and 1/2 with the RPMs. There didn't seem to be any problems with it, so I sort of assumed it was normal. I'm no expert though, so don't quote me on that ;)