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Added NEW Wheels And Now Brakes Squeal


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Jul 7, 2002
Southern U.S.
I have a 2002 Avalanche that I put the American Racing Thrusters on...the 17*8's all around and as soon as I put them on the brakes started squealing the *exact* same way as the brake wear indicators do when the pads are worn out....This was back last August...Well I have had it to Chevrolet and they don't see anything that could be causing it and I have looked under it several times and don't see anything rubbing at all Anywhere....I am just wondering if anyone else ever had this problem or heard about it...Or what to do about it....I left the factory Wrangler tires too....Here is a link to see the truck..I am new here,but I plan to post alot more and make my own little banner too...that is NEAAT.... ;Dhttp://www.earnhardtistheman.com/earnhardtistheman_005.htm

My brakes squeal as well but only after they have heated up from either hard braking or lots of in town driving. I have noticed that if they start to squeal and I let off the brakes and then reapply that MOST of the time the brakes don't squeal.

I have American Eagle 16" wheels on my AV coupled with 305/70-16 Pro Comp Mud Terrains.

Thanks I appreciate you telling me that...I know I am not alone... :)

Mine pretty much do it all the time,although they do stop for a few weeks at a time,sometimes...then start back again...really strange never had a truck do that...

Thanks again

I just wanted to let you know that I Found out why my brakes where sqeauling..I had a crack in the outboard pad on the Drivers Side rear....I took it out and sanded it and put some of that silencing stuff that soaks into the pad and also the kind that goes on the back of the pad...and also greased the sliders.....and it has fixed it totally...So maybe that is your problem too...Just wanted to let you know.....It has not done it one time since and I have been about about 40 miles and I really think it is fixed... ;D