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Aftermarket Floormats


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Jul 9, 2002
I just got a set of huskyliners for my AV. I wish GM did something like this.
The thing I hate is the passenger side , the factory mat's don't cover the carpet , these huskey liners hold lots of water and slush , kind of look factory and are big .
Great mats
I've had these in the Av for about 11 months now. They trap a lot of junk that would otherwise find its way to the carpeting. I agree that they have a "factory look" to them.
I was curious about these liners and how they would fit. I have a couple questions if you guys don't mind:

I have an '03 ... I assume the floor layout is the same as an '02?

Do you guys have the center hump liner? If so, how does it fit? Are there any gaps between that and the front floor liners? How does the back seat liner fit? is it a one piece?

I was looking at the website and apparently they use the same part number for the suburbans as well. It makes sense I guess since the AV was designed from the burb....but I woulda thought the floor design would be at least slightly different.

Sorry for all the questions, and thanks in advance for the help!
I have two separate mats for the front (bucket seats/floor console). The back consists of two mats as well, but one is much wider and covers the hump.
Jamie, I bought them from a local truck accessory store as I was in hurry to get them in at the time. I have seen them on ebay from occasionally.
i saw a set of Catch-All's in one truck store. i liked the quality and design. the price was not real bad either. $79 for the front set. i think i will have my brother-in-law pick them up for me.
I have the Catch-alls. You can get them from Cabella's for around $69 for the front set. I bought the front and rear; these mats are awesome! They match almost perfect. To clean them, I just hose them off and hang them up on the fence overnight with a C-Clamp. The next morning, I vacuum them just to make sure that I have gotten all the little junk off, and presto!

BTW, I have an 02' with Graphite interior; can post a pic if you need to see them.
John, I also have the catch-all mats and it seams that I have to constantly re-attache the mats to the anchors, are you having this problem?

When ever I brace myself with my feet to move around, get my wallet out, etc. the mats come loose.
I've not had that probem at all. I made sure that I put the anchors in good and deep. I did lose a cap at the local car wash vacuuming my mats once. I called Catch-All and they sent me 6 extra caps free of charge.
Here is a pic that I took tonight for you of the drivers side mat. Because it was night and the lighting wasn't the best, the flash reflects somewhat and makes the mat look lighter. I can assure you that the floor mat is the same color, with no wear showing after 11 months of use.

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
I agree on the Husky's. I don't think you could wear a pair of them out in ten lifetimes. There will be a pair in my new AV .......when it arrives :C:
Anyone have a pic of the husky liners (not floormats)?

I was thinking of getting the husky liners to protect the carpet, then put the chevy bowtie mats on top of them...would it work?
I too am interested in the husky liners. pictures would be great.

how do they attach? Is it like the catch-alls?
Picture Husky Liners as large floor mats with a big lip all the way around. When you buy them, they are molded to fit the floor plan of whatever you're driving, and will literally pretty much cover each side you install them on. If you work out of doors like I do and go climbing into the vehicle at the end of the day with mud/sand/grass stuck to your shoes, they're worth their weight in gold.
Just a FYI -
I have always just cut out perfect fit floormats out of leftover house carpeting for each winter. It's thicker and more absorbent than almost anything out there, and also free. :0:
Luckily I've always been able to get a good grey or dark graphite color.
Do Husky Liners install like the factory mats, i.e. drop in? Also where is everyone getting them? I found them for about $110 at accessconnect.com.
The husky liners just drop in. The under-sides are covered with little spikey do-hickies that keep them in place.
i have spoken so highly of the Catch-All's that have a co-worker that wants a pair for his new car. a 2003 300M. too bad it's not an AV. :B:
the wife is gonig to pickup a pair of Catch-All's i saw in N.C.. hopefully they are still there when she goes this weekend. ;D
Does anyone have these mats?