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Air Conditioner


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Sep 23, 2002
Emporia, Indiana
My air conditioner in the Avalanche seems to have stopped working over the winter. I would bet that it has a small leak and lost its freon. I had this happen to a new car I bought a few years back and they never fixed the leak, just added more freon each year. that was fine while it was under warranty but after I had to start paying $49.95 each time for the service I quickly found the leak myself!
Z66 BUTCH 90% of the time the trouble will be electrical. First check your fuse. If your fuse is good and there are no signs of wires that came off I would see if the clutch is pulled in a/c compressor running or stoped. If its not turning go to the low pressure control. I have not even looked at this yet on my new truck. On most chevys there is a silver can that sweats by the riders side fire wall. On this there is a electrical plug with two wires on it. This shuts of your a/c if the system is low on freon. I would take this off and jump the wire with the plug on it. If the compressor starts thats it your are low on freon or the plug was lose. Do not run your system with this shorted out for more time then it takes to check the compressor. If the compressor was running it could be a lot of things somewhat low on freon or your vent dampers are not working fan not working. If its under warranty take it in first. This is just a couple of quick checks to help you narrow it down. Good luck if you have any other questions ask its just that there is a lot more then this that could be stopping your a/c from working.