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ALERT 0.00% Is Back


SM 2003
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Jun 24, 2002
So Calif
Effective today, GM is offering 0.00% financing on several models (2002), including the AV through Sept 3rd. ?:)

You can get the $2,500 rebate, OR

0.00%.....36 mos
1.9%.......48 mos
2,9%.......60 mos

Just a heads up to those using CAFCNA for research and about to buy.... ?

Great post thanks for sharing

Maybe it is time to get a 2nd AV as a spare :)
Also check if they are Stackable as I was able to get the rebate and 0 %. My friend (who is in the car business)told me it is available sometimes but not very often. Also this might just be in Canada but it is worth checking out!! I bought my AV June 22/02.
Logic would seem to imply that with all the discounts being offered from dealers and manufacturers and fantastic financing rates, the resale value of used vehicles is falling as fast as corporate stock prices. I wonder if the trend will continue as the '03s hit the showrooms this fall.
Too late for me to do anything about it. Besides my dealership required that I finance for 2 years in order to get the 0.00%. According to what they said, the dealership gets to determine the program. From what I gather you will never get a 5 year loan at 0.00%. At least I couldn't

I just emailed my salesman...to ask about trading in my almost year old AV (Aug 31) for another one to get the 0% and cash back. I will keep you posted on his reply.
My girlfriend and I went and test drove a Tahoe Z71 the other day. I wonder if she'll take the plunge with the low rate. ......hhhhmmmmm????????
Another test vehicle for JP Customs. ;D