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Almost Wrecked My Av


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Jan 27, 2002
We had a little rain and the road was wet. I went to make a turn from a stop light. I was going about 15 mph and I came into the turn my Av started to slide. I hit the brakes and the ABS start going crazy. I look over next to me on the inside lane and the car besides me is doing the same thing but coming towards my Av. I manage to keep the brakes on and more over just enough that he does not hit me. Once we came to a stop we looked at each other and could not believe what had just happened. We both had to back up and make our turn to keep going. I think there was some oil on the road and with the light rain it got real slick. That was a close call.
Would have the traction control helped? I do not have a Z66. From what I understand it just keeps the gas off when your tires are spinning. Mine were sliding so the only thing that help me stop a little quicker was the ABS brakes.
I have had two previous vehicles with ABS and didn't think it was a big deal - worked - I have been surprised twice with my AV, once in AutoTrac and once in low on water. The ABS went nuts - have seen another post on this - any other experiences???
The ABS on my AV works much differently than it did on my previous few vehicles.

A couple of days ago I was getting ready to turn into my drive. The road was glare ice, and I was running in 2WD. As I approached the drive I was going a bit fast and the ABS kicked in. I think it started sliding more after the ABS kicked in. If I would have been in 4WD I think it would have stopped better.

There seems to be somethig about applying power to the front wheels that keeps them from locking up on slick surfaces.