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Aluminum Hoods???


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Apr 13, 2002
Is it true that the AV has an aluminum hood. That is what my body shop told me after they tried repainting it. They said while they were heating it or drying it all the paint and primer blew off. They said chevy still hasn't perfected priming the metal. Chevy ended up covering it under warrenty.

This is just one of the many frustration I've hade to deal with after having an acident. It took five weeks and taking it back four times to get it right. The paint blowing off was the just the icing on the cake.
I'll put a magnet to mine in the morning. Even if it is aluminum painting shouldn't be a problem. Aluminum skins on cars is nothing new. It is usually treated with an acid etch and primed with zinc chromate or equivalent. After that everything should be the same. There is a car painter on this board but I cant' remember his name.
As long as its Prepped, and Primed Right.., there shouldn't be a Problem.., I gotta check, and see if the Hood is Aluminum......
Monson, I just now got around to putting a magnet up to my hood. Mine is most definitley steel. My Ave was built on 01/02 but I doubt that they made a change. You may want to go to a different body shop if they can't differentiate between steel and aluminum.
Heck why not just go with a carbon fiber hood...and loose some weight while we're at it... :B:
You are most likely right about getting a different bodyshop. I'll have to put a magnet to my hood now just to see if they were wrong. Its hard to say since it is not the origanal hood and they had chevy cover the new paint under warrenty.
I Hope they do Right by You MONSON.., and get it Resolved Pronto..., Ive only had one warranty problen so far., and it was fixed Quickly, and Properly.., I did have someone., Hit, and run Me., but it was only the Cladding that got damaged...... I bought the panels, and replaced them myself......
gandolphxx said:
Since you have information to add, why not sign up and join the fun and sharing ???

Don't mean to be rude but do we really want people who just hurl insults and don't even have the courage to identify themselves? That post really bothers me. :7: