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An Avalanche Book


Full Member
Jan 14, 2003
San Antonio TX
you know, there is so much information on this site it is just incredible.

it would be cool to make a book about mods that you can do to the avalanche, with instructions on how to put it all together, tips, pics, the works.

i know i would buy one, and you can probably get most of the information right here on this site if you look hard enough.

heck, why stop at mods, this site could produce enough info to write a very all encompasing book about the chavy avalanche with chapters dealing with washing the av, what kind of lifts and wheels are compatable with the av, all mods, electronics, pictures, EVERYTHING!

that would be so cool. maybe someday it will happen. i'd be one of the first to buy it, especially if it was really well done.

(i was just at barnes and nobles and saw all kinds of books on motorcycles, mustangs, etc.... wished they had a great one just on the chevy avalanche)

fun to daydream! :B: :B: :love: :love:
Damn that is a great idea I second it. I would buy it too.
Its starts with the CAFCNA magazine and you get a hardcopy if you are a supporting member (y)