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Any Cautions When Hard Wiring an Inverter


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Jul 18, 2002
Cooperstown, New York
I just got a Vector 1000watt inverter that I am planning on putting under my back seat and hard wiring it to my secondary battery. Is there anything that I should do, or be wary of when doing an install like this? I'm basically getting it so I can watch DVDs on my portable DVD player during long trips, like the upcoming one to TN.

fuse the main power near the bat, I hooked up at red box

I ran 2-0 stranded welding wire under the truck and drilled a hole next 2 the rear seat. were the seat molding bulges towards the door for no reason. use a grommet. I grounded on a bolt that hods the seat to the body. did this in 2002 and  no problems since. also run 2 amps off that line under the seat also. and 6 fused accessory curcuts............, its all good
Can also look at Getting some 4 or 6 gauge jumper cables and cut the clamps off..  Seems its much cheaper to buy the cables than to buy the basic wire..  Just a thought

Thanks for letting me know the best gauge wire to use. I was wondering though, if the unit is going to create a lot of heat, if it would pose a fire hazard being directly on the carpet under the seat?

shouldnt throw off that much heat..  As most have built in fans so you should be ok..