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Any More 2002 Being Built?


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Mar 22, 2002
Sacramento Valley
I have been watching the Chevy web site for a few months now. Of the 5 dealers and 35 Avalanche 2500 4X4's on the lots in the Sacramento area, they have only sold about 5. Does anybody see any new deliveries to the lots in their area? I would guess that we won't see anything new here till the 2003's come out.
One of the largest Chevy dealerships in Portland, OR is within a mile of our home. I purchased my Avalanche 2500 from them.

In the course of getting service and buying accessories, I've noticed that they are selling nothing. They have balloons flying and big promotions in the paper, but there are no people on the lot or in the store.

My salesman claims to be the most bored man in the world and confidentially tells me that business totally sucks.

We got a hell of a deal, but if I had realized that the car biz was that bad, I'd have hammered them down more.

In my opinion, it is totally a buyer's market -- at least in my area.

As far as being built, the only thing I remember seeing is that all 2002 orders were due by April 12. Saleswise, they do sell v-e-r-y s-l-o-w and it's not often that I see any moving off of the local lots. Sometimes I wonder if there's any real reason for this, other than people being a bit too polarized by the style or convertability.

We still love our 2 week old black Z66 with 1,200 miles already, everything that is except a rattling back window that's always been there. Maybe some day we'll get it fixed.

Just tonight, the neighbor was outside with the door open on his 00' Silverado and it looked like he was working on the mirror or something. As it turns out, his one side window had gone off the track and fallen down into the door and he couldn't get it back up. So now it's sitting next to the garage with a plastic and tape creation covering the hole, and rain is in the forecast. It makes me wonder about what our Av. will be like after some miles!? From what I've seen, it seems to be a fairly problem-free vehicle, but we hope it stays that way after having a possessed Chrysler 300M named "Christine II".
Here in the Hudson Valley of Lower New York I notice a lot of Avs on the road. When we were looking for an Av we had the dealer search a 75 mile radius but could not find the one we wanted (I'll admit the cloth seats and power moon roof didn't help make a match). We ordered ours from the factory and when it came in so did about 5 others to our dealer along with 2 other custom orders. This past weekend we saw 2 Avs in our area with the same color and 4 others, and this was all within 10 miles of our home.
To me they are selling OK, not like the (please excuse me) Ford Explorer but I believe it's holding up.

It seems the the AV sales are up and down all over the US. The dealer in my area had not sold one in a months time. Then in one week they sold 4. Sales in So Calif were slow but have picked up significantly. Another reason after Sept 11th the automakers went with 0 interest for awhile. They sold more cars through the end of the year than in many previous years.
Things seem slow around here, too. Some dealerships have moved the Av's from the front of the lot to the rear. The dealership where I bought mine seems to still have the same Av's the had when I bought mine (on 2/28/02).
Here in southern NJ the big volume dealers still move their stock, but the small and medium dealers haven't done much. I also noticed a few dealers that once had Avs up front and on the ramps, are now relegated to the back of the lot.

I think the announcement of no cladding for 2003 has put a lot of future Av owners on hold for a few months. That really may not have been the best move by Chevy to make that announcement so early on.
Good Morning All,
My order for a 2500 4x4 Avalanche was placed yesterday. The dealer did not give much of an indication when it would be in, but said that I would not have to wait nearly as long as some individuals have been waiting for a diesel Silverrado :D

Family Chevrolet in Shingle Springs, Ca. did a search for the one I wanted and could not find any after doing a 1,000 mile search. Blue/Graphite, no sunroof....
Now's the time to look into XM Radio.. Nice to have a unique vehicle. I plan on transferring my COOL-TWK tags from my Dodge Ram.
At Ramp Chevy on Long Island New York they had about 50 Avy's lined up next to each other about 2 months ago. Now they are all gone. Ramp is one of the most active Chevy dealersips in the Country. I don't know if that Lot was all their stock or stock for other dealerships. All I know is that I passed there 2 weeks ago and all the Avy's except for about 4 were gone!! I have been seeing a few around town. Not a lot though.
I would think that most dealerships would be offering really great deals on all 02' stock.....to make room for the upcoming 03'.....the dealerships here in the area from what I'm told have done really well..

Most of the Av's sold at the dealership I purchased mine are moving more 5.3 than 8.1.....they had at least 6 8.1 on the lot when I went to get my oil change...
Maybe I just got lucky... I gave exact specs and the dealer found one on it's way into the area. He called the dealer who ordered it, confirmed it was available and had my name on it that day. It took another week and a half to get it but now I'm a happy guy!

Indi Blue, Z71, Graphite Leather, Convenience Pkg, 4.10s, WOL, and *no* sunroof (personal prefs there)

Out of 18 dealers I spoke to, 14 tried to talk me out of the 4.10 option. This translates to "I don't have one to sell you..." Their rationale included "You don't really want or need it", "It'll cost extra", "The gas mileage will suck", and "They stopped offering those."
Out of the dealers I visited, I believe I only saw one 2500 Av out of at least 100 total Avs. That 2500 is still on the lot after several months.
2500s were rare in my area on April 1st, only 2 2WD in the Charlotte area using GM BuyPower, I picked pewter over victory red, it also had more of the options I wanted.
My build date must have been 9-01 or before. Hard to believe it would sit on the lot for that long.
They are rare - I believe that the number of 2500 owners on this board is out line with the percentage built. Thats OK with me, makes it dearer ;D
I have heard that for every three 1500 AV's sold there is only one 2500.. The Z66 and Z71 are far more popular. I'll keep my 2500,,very happy with it. ;D

Keep that kind of talk up and we will be moved to the 2500 section only. Kinda like that.