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Anyone gutted their midgate?


SM 2020
PM 2017
Full Member
Apr 16, 2006
Pensacola, FL
I am looking to make a custom sub box in my midgate (isn't everyone?). I saw subthumps, but 1.17cuft is a lot to stick into the bed, not to mention I still put the gate down to hual stuff. Has anyone taken their midgate apart? Is it mainly hollow inside? I am thinking of cutting under the window storage and fiberglass lining the gate itself. I have a few ideas for speakers with a reduced mounting depth, possibly 3-4 8's. Anyone seen anything like this or have any intel to help me? It will be a week before I am home from the war. I'll post up my findings.

Yuck I was hoping not to cut through so much metal. Thanks for the pics, looks like I'll fiberglass my other car and go for prefab on this one  :unsure:

Check out this link. I had mine apart and no metal. 03 Z71.