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Anyone have an enclosed trailer I can borrow / rent in AZ


Full Member
Feb 15, 2003
Phoenix AZ
Hey everyone I know its been awhile but hopefully I will be able to be more active in the near future. With 2 kids and 1 more on the way I will be looking for a little time away. Any way to the matter at hand.

I help my father in law teach a scuba class to 8th grade kids in Peoria and we are going on a scuba trip July 21st thru the 25th in Socal. Just looking to see if anyone has an enclosed trailer about 8 foot or so I can rent or borrow to haul some gear. I am fully insured and can leave whatever deposits that you need. It will also be towed by my AV so you know it is in good hands.

I am going to try and make it to the meeting this month. It has been way too long.

Chris - good to see you back here! Wow - 3 kids! You have apparently had too much time on your hands! Need to spend more time here!

Sorry, I can't help with a trailer, but hope to see you guys soon.