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Anyone Have Painted Pics Of Their Av...



not just plastic parts, but different colors too...

Just thought I'd ask, I saw a few online (show), but never anyone's personal Av.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks, I'll have some pictures for you. I bought my AV last week, but it won't be ready to be picked up until next week. I stuggled badly with what color to get (my dealer was pretty unhappy with all my waffling too). I first had them get me a white one, then indigo blue, then black and settled with red.

The pictures at offwest.com convinced me to do this (didn't want to be a copy cat, but it looked too good), plus it will look good for Husker games I travel to in the fall.
There's a local volume dealer who sells a lot of custom trucks and conversion vans. Back in August, he had some Avs with some pretty aggressive stick-on graphics. Darn!!!! Why didn't I get pics.. :mad: :cautious: Well, if he has any when I pay them a visit with dealer brochures, I'll get pics and post them. I always have a cam with me these days. It's an essential part of drivng!
Ok... Here's mine...solid blue with 18" wheels and tires



How did you get the cladding painted? How much? Who? Where? Did they smooth it out first? Looks awesome!!!!!

Wind4Power, and Matts_U.A.V.

PLEASE tell me about painting the Avalanche. I have been considering it for about a month.. It looks like you both had the plastic panels shaved.. correct? or did you just ahve them painted as is.. Also- what was the price range for it? please respond.
Beautiful Blue Avalanche! Almost went with blue myself... I too, would be interested in knowing the details and costs associated with this work, looks like yours was a very professional job...
I drove by my dealer this weekend and noticed that they had a solid white Avy on the lot (cladding and bumpers painted). They have a body shop on-site and apparently did the work there. With the paint work, wood trim on the dash, and custom leather (over top of cloth, I presume), the add-ons totaled $4100, bringing the price of a Z66 to $41,000. Ouch!