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Anyone Installed a "HitchCam" Uni Cam?


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Aug 7, 2007
I was contemplating getting a cubby cam, but the cubby hole on my AV is just to the left and behind the steering wheel, and I can't imagine how I'd be able to use the cubby cam without having to bend my neck to see the screen.? Surfed the 'Net and came across the HitchCam Uni Cam.? Anyone have it installed?? What's your take on it?



Product Information

Finally, an aftermarket flush-mount rearview camera that?s not an afterthought.

? ?

HitchCAM? has established itself as the leader in rearview safety with its innovative solutions to an ever-increasing problem, backing incidents.? UniCAM? is our most customizable solution, and the one that looks factory-installed on any vehicle.? UniCAM is not just a rearview camera, but a complete system that includes a wide-angle, waterproof video camera, high resolution LCD color monitor and everything in between.? UniCAM can be installed in bumpers, tailgates, trunk lids and just about anywhere else with a minimum of hand tools because we?ve supplied the rest.


The UniCAM? Kit*

Each kit contains all necessary hardware and the highest quality components.

The SHCUC-1 kit includes:

-? 7/8? threaded body, bubble style Reverse Image Camera with 170o viewing angle

-? 3.5? Color LCD Windshield Monitor with Mounting Bracket and Adhesive

-? 25? S-Video Cable for HitchCAM monitor

-? Assortment of angle washers for mounting camera in its optimal position

-? 1? Power cable to power UniCAM camera

-? Y-harness cable for power distribution

-? 6? extension cable

-? Installation Instructions and Owner?s Manual

-? 1-year Limited Warranty Card**

? ?

Sturdy.? Stylish.? Secure.? It?s just a superior product.

? ?

Better Materials.? As part of the complete HitchCAM line of products, UniCAM was designed to withstand the wear-and-tear of bad weather and real-life driving conditions over the long haul.? UniCAM features a high performance, wide-angle lens, waterproof color camera.? UniCAM is manufactured in the USA with the highest-quality components available.

? ?

Better Visibility.? UniCAM improves the visibility of today?s larger vehicles by exposing rearview blind zones that can extend as far as 20? back.? The 170o lens provides a panoramic view and the camera angle is adjustable for optimum viewing on any vehicle.? It works day and night, thanks to an automatic low-light feature that provides excellent picture quality down to 1 LUX.? Its large 3.5? Windshield Monitor or 5.8? LCD Mirror Monitor screen further enhances your view with a crisp picture.? Monitors can be switched on at any time or set to automatically turn on only when the vehicle shifts into reverse.

? ?

Better Security.? UniCAM is the most discreet design possible, making it almost unnoticeable to thieves.? Other camera systems are bolted onto the bumper or roof, making them susceptible to vandalism and theft as well as damage from road hazards.

? ?

Better Design.? UniCAM?s flush mount design allows it to be installed in any vehicle with minimal alteration, providing an aftermarket alternative to OEM systems at a fraction of the cost.? The UniCAM can be easily installed by most automotive technicians.? Other products on the market require intricate wiring by electrical professionals - as well as the time-consuming process of removing and replacing the vehicles? rearview mirror.? With UniCAM, there?s no need to exchange the vehicle?s stock rearview mirror, allowing compass and temperature displays to remain visible and in use.


? ?

* HitchCAM is an assistive device and not intended to provide a comprehensive view of the entire rear area of the vehicle.? Safe driving is the driver?s responsibility in any and all circumstances.

** Professional installation is recommended and proof, in the form of receipt, of installation by an automotive professional is required to validate the one-year warranty.

? ?

?2007 HitchCAM Corporation.? All rights reserved.? HitchCAM patent pending.

Price: $429.00

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Product Code: HCUC-1
I just put a bracketCAM on my '02, and I love it.

One thing:  the plethora of cables that come with the camera required quite a bit of connectors to put the unit together.

I decided to create a little box that broke out the S-Video end of the cam, into power and signal.  I ran the power over some 18 ga. 2 cond wire, and then I put a F connector on this box and used RG-6 with SNap-n-seal connectors.  This way I reduced the number of connections.  I put this box behind my left tail lamp.  Also, it was easier to poke the RG6 + 2 18 conductors up through the e-brake grommet.  I ran the camera so it is always powered on.

I think, although it is cryptic, the directions for the hitchCam product lines give you a relay that you can splice into your underhood electrical center, and add a fuse.  I figured, if I'm running a signal cable, why not just run the power along with it.  I tapped this into my radio harness (since I was already building one for the head unit).

If you use the system with the entire screen, your results may be different, but you still need a switched source of power for the screen.
I had a Hitch Cam on my last truck, came pre-installed.
I never had any trouble with it, monitor was installed next to rear view mirror.
It had a switch on the side of it so that it could be manualy turned on, or come on whenever truck is in reverse.
Hmm, I'm confused.. You said that the cubby is to the left of the steering wheel. The cubby that the CUBBYCAM goes into is to the right of the steering wheel.

Also, I have an external cam that mounts next to the rear-view mirror as well as a new hitch mount and lic plate mount.

Lemme know if you have additional questions.

I think in '07s the cubby is in a different spot, and not the same as the 4-pod cubby that the cubby cam fits.
ggates said:
I think in '07s the cubby is in a different spot, and not the same as the 4-pod cubby that the cubby cam fits.

Yeah...what he said.  I use it for loose change.  I'm pretty much used to my Avy's size now and the parking assist keeps me out of trouble, but I think I'll just have the dealer install the rear view camera option and be done with it.